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    Ilhan Omar: "Political Influence In This Country" Linked To "Allegiance To A Foreign Country"; Latest Controversial Comments

    March 1, 2019
    Image by Tony Webster

    Ilhan Omar’s new offensive comments about US Jews extend disturbing pattern...

    For the third time in two months US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has waded into anti-semitism charges. In the wake of her “all about the Benjamins” tweets attacking AIPAC, she told a progressive audience in Washington that she wanted to talk about “the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

    The February 27 evening at Busboys and Poets began with claims that voices like Omar’s had been silenced for decades and generations, according to a report in Jewish Insider. An audience member shouted “It is about the Benjamins,” approvingly reiterating a new deleted Omar tweet. The evening was obsessed with Israel. It sought to portray criticism of Israel as solely about government policies but Omar claimed that she was painted as anti-semitic because she is Muslim. “A lot of our Jewish colleagues, a lot of our constituents, a lot of our allies, go to thinking that everything we say about Israel to be anti-Semitic because we are Muslim.”

    This was a very smart way of pre-empting accusations of anti-semitism, but simply pretending that in fact Omar is the victim because of here faith. But she went on to then attack “political influence in this country” and link it to “allegiance to a foreign country.” This was clearly aimed at Israel, and not a critique of Israel’s policies, but of Americans.

    This is the third iteration of these kinds of comments, that seem to be increasingly frequent and a growing obsession of Omar. In January Omar had defended a 2012 tweet in which she had attacked Israel for how it “hypnotized the world.” But she later said the tweet was “unfortunate and offensive.” Then in early February they insinuated that other members of Congress were pro-Israel because “it’s all about the Benjamins baby.” Asked what she meant, she pointed to AIPAC. Later she retracted the tweets and apologized.

    In the February 27 meeting however Omar appeared to go even further, and to have crafted a kind of preemptive defense of her views. Many are shocked. Seth Mandel, executive editor of the Washington Examiner, tweeted that the comments made her antisemitism “explicit once again.” Bret Stephens, columnist at The New York Times, “seems to calculate that if she makes only one blatantly anti-Semitic remark per week, progressives will forgive her.”

    The latest comment will be difficult to walk back. Unlike the tweets, they can’t be deleted. The problem is that she may now be normalizing these views. Given the past two apologies, it appears clear that the views at Busboys and Poets are articulating a deeply-held view. In this worldview Jews and Israel seem to play a large role in her agenda. Unlike other members of Congress who rarely discuss Jews and don’t focus on Israel that often, she seems to spend an almost obsessive amount of time on the issue. Her claim that she is portrayed as anti-Semitic because she is Muslim is a way to distract from the fact that it is she who has sought to focus so much on Israel. There are many other issues she could focus on, the constant Israel comments and attempt to then turn the tables on critics by using her Muslim identity is a way to make this a Muslim-Jewish issue. She doesn’t just critique the Israeli government’s policies, she continually references pro-Israel influence in the US.

    Why is Israel front and center for Omar? Congress isn’t being called upon to debate Israel issues that often. It is dealing with other scandals such as Michael Cohen’s testimony. Omar sought to respond to accusations of anti-semitism in an interview published on February 28 at The Intercept. She said she had apologized in the past “for the way that my words made people feel.” But she went on to note that she was being condemned “for speaking the truth about, you know, the kind of influences that exist, that determine, you know our foreign and domestic policies and for that I think, you know, my tweet kind of spoke of it.” She went on to say that “the theme here is because I’m Muslim.” She argued that others have critiqued AIPAC influence and foreign policy. “No one calls them anti-Semitic because they are Jewish but when it comes to someone like me, even the slight mention of them…”

    In the Intercept interview she appears to be constructing a clear framework and worldview. In this view she says she is merely speaking the truth about influence in Washington and that she is held to a different standard because she is Muslim and not Jewish. She doesn’t really think the previous tweets were problematic but deleted them because the words hurt people. This is important because it doesn’t appear she has thought through the issue of why they hurt people or. were seen as offensive.



    Seth Frantzman

    Dr. Seth J. Frantzman is researcher and journalist based in Jerusalem. He has a PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is the Oped Editor of The Jerusalem Post. For several years he lectured in American Studies at Al-Quds University. He has published widely and made three short documentaries about the war on ISIS in Iraq and European refugee crises. He was born in Maine. @Sfrantzman and sethfrantzman.com
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    And her allegiance is to ??
    1. Islam
    2. Islam


    She is correct, they do have an allegiance to a foreign country, but she also has an illegal allegiance to a cult that is contrary to the Constitution, which mixes Church and State, and she be banned from holding an office.

    william chandler

    She is absolutely correct --
    Charles Schumer is a dirty traitor, betrays America to Israel .... he bragged about it.
    Is Chuck Schumer on a Mission From God to Protect Israel?
    Senator Chuck Schumer is receiving a lot of attention from an interview he gave yesterday to a Jewish radio show for some very sharp criticisms of how the Obama administration has handled its recent dustup with Israel. ... Near the end of the interview, this is how Schumer reiterated his devotion to the cause of Israel:
    "You know, my name .... comes from the word shomer, guardian, watcher. My ancestors were guardians of the ghetto wall in Chortkov. And I believe Hashem actually gave me that name. One of my roles, very important in the United States senate, is to be a shomer — to be a or the shomer Yisrael. And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body ... "
    Schumer is an AGENT of a Foreign Government, undermining OUR Government and Nation.

    What is good for Israel should be good for America. NO "dual citizen" allowed in government. Israel: Three dual-citizen MKs ordered to annul their foreign passports
    by Shahar Ilan - Haaretz - Feb18 2009
    The Central Elections Committee has ordered three Knesset members with dual citizenship to annul their foreign passports by next Tuesday's swearing-in ceremony, or at least begin steps to cancel them.
    The three lawmakers are Yohanan Plesner of Kadima (who has Danish citizenship), Nitzan Horowitz of Meretz (a Polish citizen) and Yisrael Beiteinu's Anastasia Michaeli, who holds a Russian passport. The Basic Law on the Knesset states that "a member of Knesset holding an additional citizenship that is not Israeli ... will not take the oath of loyalty until he has done everything he can to relinquish it." -
    Nobody can have loyalty to TWO Nations at the same time. So nobody with "dual citizenship" should be allowed to hold any post in our government, JUST like Israel does.

    James Carpenter Carpenter

    Was (or is) it extreme hyperbole to say Barrack Obama's "fundamental change" bespoke an animus to the America he was elected to represent?

    Ihan Omar's electoral base happens to be the largest concentration of Somaliis in the US, her own "Little Somalia".
    Specifically, she is the inheritor of the Muslim influx facilitated by the Obama administration via an alliance bewtween his State Department and several "Christian Charities". Lucrative for the charities, politically inspired by the State Department
    (see; https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/unholy-alliance-christian-charities-profit-from-1-billion-fed-program-to-resettle-refugees/147476)
    Is it now extreme hyperbole to say that Ilhan Omar harbors an animus to her adopted country? What fundamental changes would she enact? Perhaps putting Sharia before the Constitution? Perhaps anti-semitism before inclusion?
    Islam is and has has been an all-encompassing system of belief that combines the political with the religious. And it is, according to the Quran, supreme over all else. Jihad to make it so, as required.
    Is it now extreme to say our Republic is harboring and electing actors who cannot and will not put allegiance to your America before theirs?


    Islam is diametrically opposed to the United States Constitution...And...Therefore it a a seditious, treasonous practice, which camouflages itself as a religion, thereby existing under the safety blanket of the 1st Amendment...It is not a religion, it is a political system...It should be treated as just another, political party, and removed from the "Religion" category...Anything uttered by a member of the "Angry Muslim Political Party", should be examined under the "Hate Speech" microscope, and if it meets the eye test, it must be considered as "Hate Speech", and banned, along with the speaker...Simple really...Treat them, as they treat Christians...That would be fair, and we must be fair, mustn't we???


    A Muslim should NEVER be elected to public office in this country. Muslims are bound by Islam to follow Sharia law. Islam and Sharia law are not compatible with our Constitution, our freedoms and our way of life. We cannot assimilate people who are hostile to our government, our laws, our way of life, demanding and intent on conquering. Islam should be banned in this country for that very reason. This woman should be run out of the country.

    the Bruce

    Minnesota...open your eyes. What have you allowed to happen? I used to go fishing and camping in Minnesota. I can say that "back then" I never met anyone in Minnesota who did not have common sense or was unpatriotic. This is an enigma...allowing a jihadi into public office?


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