Morning Consult/Politico Poll Showing Biden +8 Over Trump Is Suspect, Just Look At Who Responded

April 25, 2019

The poll released yesterday by Morning Consult/Politico shows former Vice President Joe Biden with an 8 point lead over Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. To many that is shocking because the president's approval rating and numbers have been quite high at this point in his presidency, even higher than Barack Obamas during the first 2 years.

However, if you dig below the surface of the polling data, the reason for this anomoly becomes starkly clear. The poll shows this big of a lead because most polled were Democrats.

See the data below taken from the Morning Consult polling data publicly released.

The poll shows widespread support among women for Biden; of course it does, because Dem women were the biggest group polled.

The poll shows an obvious overrepresentation of those who voted Democrat in the last election.

As the 2020 election season heats up, beware of polling that has an agenda.



CD Media Staff

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    44 comments on “Morning Consult/Politico Poll Showing Biden +8 Over Trump Is Suspect, Just Look At Who Responded”

      1. The outcome of polling depends on who writes the check, just as it is with politically grounded "scientific" research..

        If we've learned anything at all in the past ten years, is that it's a mistake to believe otherwise.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have told people in order to evaluate a poll, one must also look at the people participating in the poll. Figures lie and liars figure.

    2. someone tell Drudge to check the polling, he is another FAKE news scum with his 8 point lead and reporting Trump is at 37% when he is at 51%, forget his site......all lies!!!!!

      1. Boom! Me either. Once briefart banned me I'm done with this silly crap. I will support a veteran run and owned site.

        1. They banned me from commenting as well. I was never mean to people, I just told stories that related to the content story. I found myself banned with no explanation. Glad I found

    3. When I first saw this Poll my thought was, Yea Sure...!!! The Devil is always in the Details.

      It's more lies by The Establishment. Trump has shown The Establishment as out and out liars scheming to to take our money, control U.S. like lab Rats and Collapse our Economy. The Establishment likes to quote, it takes a while to turn this Ship of State around. Trumps accomplishments far exceed any POTUS since Pres. Reagan and He turned it around in a couple Months.

    4. to Edward Winslow. You win the comment of the day! Drudge was my first go-to every morning...TWO years ago. After the overwhelmingly conservative and true deplorable, in-your-face LAWFUL election of OUR LION ...I've never gone back. Drudge became totally non-trustworthy and appears to be be totally compromised. Too bad, not so sad! You can trust me on this! WALK AWAY FROM MATT DRUDGE!

      1. metoo......but Matt still visits Trump regularly, so something is going on
        Maybe Matt is highlighting the loony left

    5. It is actually better to have the Democrats move toward supporting Biden. He is the only one reasonable enough from the Democrats side. But it does not matter, Trump will eat him alive!

      1. soon as we start memeing all the groping videos he is done, the one where he cups the little girls breast and she elbows him is very very damming, anyone i show that to...... is agast !

    6. Yet another fake poll, like the one handing Hillary a landslide! Politico is a Leftnut rag. However, I think this might be part of the Republican strategy to SCARE people into voting, fire them up against Biden. WE'RE ALREADY FIRED UP! No DemocRat will be allowed to infest the WH in 2020.

      1. politico is owned by WashPost, FYI
        it's far far left,....pure swamp .....a globalist propaganda rag.

      1. bingo.
        anyone with a brain did, that's for sure.
        "We got an old saying in Texas, probably the same here"
        "Fool me once,you fool me, and , er, ah, .........we ain't gettin fooled again "

    7. If this is not of likely voters, then it is virtually useless. We are not told that it is.

      And there are so many other ways to skew polls.

      The bottom line for any poll is that it is best to believe that there are no longer honest pollsters out there. All of them have a political agenda.

    8. Sounds like all the people who like to run around proclaiming "Republicans are the party of Old, Rich White Guys" are now voting for Joe Biden! I think +8 is the collective IQ of Democrat voters

    9. A total fraud, it was obvious right from the start. So why did stupid Matt Drudge red-highlight this yesterday? Dishonest of him.

    10. hahahahahahahhahahaha
      "Hillary is 20 points up"
      every poll had hillary in a landslide the day before the election.
      the NYT had it at 98%
      stop it already!!!!

    11. The Only POLL we care about is the one they use to (Vlad) Obama with. After the Trial for TREASON of course.

    12. […] Surprises that aren’t. A new poll shows Joe Biden with an 8-point lead over President Trump. Get used to it, because you will be reading this right up to Election Day. Remember 2016, when 19 of 21 national polls assured us that Hillary would be winning the very next day. Not. See story at CD Media. […]


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