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    The (All Too) Common Touch: The Pathology Of Creepy Joe

    May 29, 2019
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    Screenshot: YouTube

    Despite his recent promise to change, despite the recognition that he makes us cringe when he gets handsy with women and girls alike, Joe Biden has done it again.

    CD Media has previously recognized the intense pain and loss Biden faced as a younger man, and continues to face as a very, very old man. Difficult times produce strange behaviors, sometimes expressed sexually. Some of the same arguments have been made in defense of Michael Jackson and R. Kelly: the trauma of their youth contributed to the lechery of their adult lives, and we should seek to understand and forgive. Which is, of course, utter nonsense, and worse, behavior which enables. The only musician Biden should emulate is MC Hammer, as in, Joe, U can't touch this.

    What's so remarkable about this latest act of petting a minor is that Biden knows he's under the looking glass. Common is the criminal who walks the narrow path under close scrutiny. Only the deeply disturbed can't help themselves and commit the very same act for all the world to see. One can only surmise that this is a cry for help, or perhaps he thinks repetition will kill the stigma.

    There are the public instances, roughly ten of them, recorded and living in perpetuity on the internet...except for the ones YouTube has conveniently removed for "Terms of Service violations" (it helps to have friends in deep state places!). Then there are the four women who came forward recently, one of them fondled by Biden at a sexual harassment seminar.

    Come on, Joe! At the very minimum, you should work on your material. "I'll bet you're as bright as you are good looking" is a seriously tired a pick-up line. Coupled with the prolonged shoulder squeeze, it verges on assault. Joe, she's a minor, for crying out. She's TEN. And then you asked for her address? And then you offered her a job? This is a pedo master class. One imagines Jeffrey Epstein is taking notes.

    Of course, there are those who still say Joe is misunderstood, just a big goof whose sense of personal boundaries is a little off kilter, akin to Seinfeld's "close talker." But Biden isn't demonstrating a personality quirk. The stakes are simply too high, and his team has certainly told him again and again to keep his hands to himself, especially around girls...and he can't stop. It isn't a quirk, it's compulsive behavior. Biden literally cannot help himself.

    Like many sexual deviants, he has a modus operandi: public swearing-in ceremonies where a spouse or parent is present, that's when Biden, often the most powerful man in the room, strikes. His victims are not accustomed to the lights, the pomp and circumstance. A loved one of theirs is being honored. They stand stiffly, posing for the cameras, dressed up and nervous. There is a sense of Biden as a cuckolder, pawing at the wives and children of lesser politicians as a way to express his superiority. Such men have existed throughout history, hardly anything groundbreaking.

    What makes these offenses so poignant is that they take place in a #metoo climate, they smack of the very accusations Biden's party has leveled at President Trump, and the perpetrator, Biden himself, lost his own daughter and wife in a car crash nearly fifty years ago. It's a strange psychosexual brew, and one that a man who would be our leader is powerless to conquer. It isn't being handsy that should disqualify Biden per se, it's his inability to control his impulses.

    An internet search of "creepy joe biden" returns 8,300,000 hits. Below are a few examples.



    Court Anderson

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