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    Will Hunter Biden's Antics Affect "China Joe" In The Polls (This Time)?

    June 14, 2019
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    Fitful son, floppy senior. Hunter and Joe Biden. Screenshot: YouTube

    He's at it again. The sole surviving son of a traumatized family, Hunter Biden is proving that he doesn't simply possess an impulsive streak, it's the trait that defines him, and increasingly, his antics are beginning to define his father as well. Or are they?

    The Chinese debacle--the communist government directly invested $1.5 billion in Rosemont Seneca Partners, Hunter's shady firm--has stuck to the elder Biden more than Hunter's other follies, such as:

    • getting kicked out of the Naval Reserve for cocaine,
    • subsequently landing a job in the Ukraine for a gas company oligarch (with a $2.6 million salary) while his old man settled a trade dispute with the same country,
    • taking up with his barely-dead brother's widow for two years, then breaking up weeks ago, in the first stages of his father's candidacy,
    • and most recently, marrying recent divorcee Melissa Cohen ten days after meeting her (and two weeks after she last lived with her ex-husband).

    As of yesterday, the bride's family hadn't met Hunter yet, but Melissa's brother Garyn sent his well wishes.

    Granted, Hunter's behavior during the past several years has been worthy of intervention, but to ramp up now, while democrats are craning their necks to look away from Joe's own slowly surfacing scandals, a scratchy film reel of bad fashion and worse decision making:

    • badgering Anita Hill,
    • the cringeworthy "what's good for the Negro" speech,
    • the various and sundry instances of fondling other men's wives and underage daughters,
    • and plagiarizing a speech for use on the campaign trail in '88.

    Is It Sabotage?

    Perhaps Hunter is crying out for help. He grew up in the klieg lights, surely he knows any false moves he makes will be captured by the press. It is conceivable that he blames his father in some twisted manner for the death of his mother, his sister, his brother, and his marriage.

    But the most likely explanation is that Hunter is mentally ill, and we are watching it play out in the press as the tension of his elderly father climbing into the ring for the third time--and all the ugly history that dredges up--is taking its toll.



    Court Anderson

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