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    Why Black Voters Choose Biden Over Black Candidates

    September 17, 2019
    Joe Biden, running by the pool. Screenshot: YouTube

    Joe Biden has a lot of nicknames.

    President Trump gave him several, including "Crazy Joe," "Sleepy Joe," "Swampman Joe," and "One-Percent Biden." Trump can't fully lay claim to "Creepy Joe," however. Biden earned that adjective over a decade ago when he was "Creepy Veep." Barack Obama called him "the Un-Cheney," Michelle sarcastically called him "Captain America," and White House staffers called him "the Bidenator." Amtrak invented a mascot of the train-loving candidate named Biddy, and actress Vivica A. Fox refers to Biden as "White Chocolate." Recent geopolitical scandals have earned him the nickname "China Joe." Online, he's often referred to by fans as "Uncle Joe," and by critics as "Pedo Joe," "Senile Joe," and "Grandpa Simpson."

    Here's a new one: Teflon Joe.

    Biden's polling numbers are unchanged despite another series of gaffes, racial condescension, and a gang fight tale right out of West Side Story. As a recent study shows, Biden easily leads the field among black supporters, enjoying 41% support nationally. As a Monmouth University poll shows, in fourth-to-primary South Carolina, the margin is higher, at 51%. Six in ten likely primary voters in South Carolina are black. Getting an early win is essential, and nearly impossible without strong black support.

    So how does Biden--author of the 1994 crime bill that kicked mass incarceration of blacks into overdrive, the lead senator on the Anita Hill hearings, and friend of segregationists--do it? He called Jesse Jackson "that boy," for crying out loud. Let's start with "Corn Pop."

    In a stunner, it turns out that Wilmington gangster Corn Pop was a living human being, but veracity isn't the heart of his story.

    Not the first contemporary of Biden's to pass away...

    We know Biden chooses truth over facts, so truly ask yourself, who else in American politics wouldn't be castrated in the polls over the following quote?

    "In those days, ya used to, remember the straight razors? You'd bang 'em on the curb, gettin' 'em rusty, puttin' 'em in the rain barrel, gettin' 'em rusty?"

    Who among us doesn't recall the good old days, prepping our straight razors on the concrete curb on a warm summer afternoon, notching the the blade so it would not merely slash, but rip at the flesh of our enemies, then saying hearty farewells to our fellow gang-mates before heading home for supper, but not before dropping the razor in the backyard rain barrel to soak, in order to achieve an oxidized patina that would strike into the hearts of our rivals not only the fear of a bloody, gaping gash, but tetanus too?

    Nothing sticks to this guy.

    In most political circles, bragging as Biden did about a threat to "wrap this chain" around a black man's head would be a disqualifying event. In the curious case of Teflon Joe, the media does not cry foul, and the crazy tale endears him to black voters. Say what you will, but ol' White Chocolate sure is relatable!

    Black Stories Matter

    Most of Biden's appeal among blacks is easy to figure out. He is highly associated with Obama, but further, he has cultivated an aw-shucks persona roughly synonymous with honesty for 50 years. His gaffes, so routine as to be unremarkable, have a humanizing effect: he's just like us.

    Still, he's an old white male. What gives?

    There's a secret ingredient. Biden alone talks about taboo black issues, pervasive problems in the community that are radioactive to other pols: the deep shame and prevalence around black homosexuality, unprotected sex, poor parenting, and single motherhood. He demonstrates a knowledge of the culture beyond talking points, and as a result, he is given license to carry on about confronting the Corn Pops of the world. There's a reason he has used the story for so many years: it's a small stroke of genius.

    When we break down the tale of Corn Pop, it's a classic hero story wrapped in a racial peace offering. We have Biden, the sole white guy other than the pool "mechanic," in a position of benevolent authority. One white guy to fix things, another to enforce rules but also guard black lives. Everyone else is there to have fun. A local troublemaker breaks a rule, and the hero tries to deescalate the situation with a threat and some humor. He fails, and faces a greater confrontation outside his pool domain (his authority negated). He prepares for the clash with his white friend, but goes to face his antagonist alone. The two face each other. The hero proceeds to apologize--and that's key here--for his treatment of the black person. He warns against further rule-breaking behavior, but he apologizes. Harmonious results.

    The story purports to be about Biden in the community, just trying to help out and get along. In fact, it's an apology, and a metaphorical promise: when I'm making the rules, I'll be fair, and I'm sorry for how I (whites) treated you (blacks) in the past.

    Stay In Yo Lane

    Sometimes his reach exceeds his grasp, as it did on the campaign trail against Mitt Romney in 2008. Speaking in Danville, VA to a predominantly black audience, Biden strained to compare Romney's plan to "unchain" over-regulated banks to antebellum slavery, claiming of Republicans, "they're gonna put you back in chains!"

    Such nerve, considering it was Republicans who freed the slaves, and Democrats who put blacks back into the shackles of welfare.

    There was also the time Biden tried to have it both ways, appealing to blacks generally while blowing the racist dogwhistle when facing Obama during the 2008 campaign, referring to Obama as a dream candidate, "African-American...articulate and bright and clean."

    Still, black voters overwhelmingly choose Biden. As Michael Nutter, former mayor of Philadelphia and current DNC member notes in a recent Politico article, “You go with what you know. A lot of black voters know Joe Biden. There’s power in that and there’s loyalty in that.”

    In other words, familiarity trumps skin color. In this day and age, that's noteworthy, even refreshing.

    Why Do Whites Still Support Senile Joe?

    What about white Democrats? Why are they still on board with Biden? That's easy: the alternatives are a gun grabber, a socialist, an actual communist, an SJW cop, and a mayor who willingly married a someone named Chasten.

    Biden is the Dems' only reasonable alternative...for now. If he suffers a serious medical emergency, or goes the way of Corn Pop, another moderate will step up and declare his candidacy...to be discussed tomorrow.



    Court Anderson

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    Because they need someone to protect them from Corn Pop? Puh-lease...


    Blacks are gullible. It's not surprising that Joe Biden would try to exploit them.


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