• Dems Propose Secret Impeachment, Schiff Named "Captain Kangaroo"

    October 8, 2019
    Screenshot: YouTube

    So Much For "Democracy Dies in Darkness..."

    Democratic leaders have proposed that whistleblower hearings be held in a secret location, and that the whistleblower's voice be disguised. The Hill reported yesterday evening that the Adam Schiff-led Democrats want to make proceedings clandestine, allegedly to protect the identity of the whistleblower, who has already been outed as a partisan source from the intel community operating on hearsay.

    Adam Schiff's lies are stacking up quickly, but they are having the desired effect, at least according to the a poll from the Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government (George Mason Univ.). The poll released today claims that 58% of voters support an impeachment inquiry, up from 37% in a separate Politico-Morning Consult poll in September.


    To wit: Adam Schiff has been caught lying about his previous contact with the whistleblower, the ICIG has admitted that the CIA changed its whistleblower rules for the Trump accuser, and now the Dems want hearings with the whistleblower in a controlled environment at a secret site...and the Amazon/WaPo counters this tide of embarrassment with a poll claiming more Americans want an impeachment hearing?

    Let's look for other polls on the topic this week, but I'm guessing that WaPo's "random sample" of 1,007 U.S. adults might end up as an outlier.

    Kangaroo Court In Session

    So it's no wonder that Republicans have expressed frustration and outright anger at the proceedings. Adam Schiff has been called many things, including liar, obstructionist, confirmed friend and cash recipient of disgraced Dem donor/meth addict/sex offender Ed Buck, but today marks the first time he has been called Captain Kangaroo.

    Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was so upset today over the management of the hearings that he called Schiff a "malicious Captain Kangaroo" in his handling of the case he is trying to build for impeachment hearings.

    Skip to 1:35 for Rep. Gaetz comments

    Gaetz's frustration is understandable. The conditions and contortions that Schiff is asking the other side to accept are without modern precedent.

    President Trump released the transcript of the Zelensky call in full, but Schiff has refused to release the full Volker testimony, choosing to cherry pick it and sprinkle bits of it on sympathetic media sources. Such a clear double standard. Speaking of standard, what ever became of the Standard Hotel/Adam Schiff blackmail incident from February of last year?


    Court Anderson

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    "Secret" impeachment? LOL! Can't the Left see they're no different than Stalin?


    Am I living in Stalin's Russia? Or Hitlers Germany? WTH? gives? I want answers and I want full disclosure.
    As a TaxPayer is that not my right? I want Truth, not Parody,.


    A WaPo poll? Oh brother. "Manufactured results"


    Schiff makes Henrik Himmler look like a Boy scout.He should be impeached immediately for the sake of the country.

    Dave Bruce

    Pencil neck made 16 trips to Ed Buck's torture chamber (per FBI reports). So, let's start following that up.


    Why does the Republican party continue to attach the impeachment process? Why can't they defend the president? Or do they not want to defend him? As a republican myself, I have to admit that between the whistleblower report, the transcripts of the call (big mistake releasing those) and the text messages, and a bungling lawyer, Trump "looks" guilty as hell. The polls from WaPo, Fox, NBC, ABC, NPR are starting to paint a picture and fellow Republicans need to start taking notice and stop sucking the process because it does nothing to help.


    We are curious...exactly what does Trump look guilty as Hell of? We smell a rat...

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