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    Project Veritas Exposes CNN: What You Need To Know

    October 14, 2019
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    Smile, you're on hidden camera! Van Jones. Screenshot: YouTube

    Parts of the latest undercover report from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas were released today. The report exposes a culture of lying and bias at CNN. O'Keefe claims that more videos will be released "all day and night." The investigation is titled "American Pravda."

    This is the second time O'Keefe has exposed CNN, the first was in 2017. Some of the material below relates to the 2017 reporting.

    In a refreshing development, the whistleblower in this case has come forward. His name is Cary Poarch, a CNN "satellite uplink technician" stationed at the Washington, DC bureau for the past two years. Footage he obtained of mid- to high-level CNN employees is damning.

    In one of the 2017 videos, the world met John Bonifield, a producer who confirms what many suspected, that for CNN, it's not the truth that matters, but the ratings. "...it's ratings. Our ratings are incredible right now," he stated in May of 2017. Bonifield chuckles that Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord only merited a day and a half of coverage, and quotes CNN CEO Jeff Zucker as saying, "Good job everyone covering the climate accords, but were's done with it, let's get back to Russia."

    CNN employees are allowed to eat Chik-fil-A? Producer John Bonifield. Screenshot: YouTube

    In another 2017 video, Poarch captures CNN anchor and virulent Trump critic Van Jones casually admitting that Russiagate is a "nothingburger." In another clip, Zucker is caught ordering employees to cease friendships with Senator Lindsey Graham. Several lower-level employees are caught on camera gossiping about Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and others. None of what they discuss reflects favorably on the network's stars.

    O'Keefe explains that today's releases will be the first of several, and hints that other networks may be implicated.

    In unrelated news, hopefully ABC is on Project Veritas's list, given the lie they were caught in today. A Twitter user caught ABC using footage from a Kentucky gun show and claiming it was the Turkish armed forces attacking Kurds in Syria. The fraudulent piece was titled "Slaughter In Syria," and of course the alleged Kurdish deaths were pinned on President Trump for pulling troops out of the country.

    Twitter has decided to ignore the Project Veritas news. Beginning days ago when O'Keefe announced that he was about to release a damning documentary about CNN, he encouraged followers to tweet out the hashtag "#ExposeCNN." Thousands of users did so, but the hashtag has yet to appear in "Trending in United States." According to Twitter, the big news of the day is a poorly-edited mock-up video of Trump on a shooting spree, Indigenous People's Day, and...Kathy Griffin.

    We're supposed to believe that some mock-up video of Trump is trending more than #ExposeCNN?

    To any defender of truth, consider that a big extended middle finger from Jack Dorsey.

    Below, please see some of the 2017 Project Veritas videos, and search YouTube as the day goes on for more.



    Court Anderson

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