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CD Media Reporting On Biden/Ukraine Gaining Traction: RushBo, ZeroHedge, Gateway, Diamond & Silk…

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There is always a return on the investment of hard work. If you’re starting to see CD Media cited more in the news recently, it’s due to front line reporting in Ukraine. Editor-in-Chief L. Todd Wood’s work has been cited in numerous publications recently.

Rush Limbaugh knows the score, has for decades. He put this article out today that sources CD Media. Thank you, kind sir!

ZeroHedge featured this article this morning, citing our evidence after CD Media broke the story on Tuesday of bank records confirming payments made to Hunter Biden.

Screencap: ZeroHedge

Gateway Pundit, another of our favorite sites, also touted CD Media’s research on Tuesday.

Screencap: Gateway Pundit

Last, but not least, Twitter celebrities Diamond and Silk tweeted out the same CD Media story. Normally, being linked in a tweet wouldn’t merit a mention, but as the New York Times and others recently reported, Diamond and Silk are one of only 47 Twitter accounts followed by President Trump. Thank you, ladies!

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You can read all the investigative work into the Deep State’s Ukrainian scandal here.

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