• Sifting Monday's Political Wreckage For Answers

    December 10, 2019
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    Blind justice? All eyes shut as Rep. Jim Jordan objects.

    What a Monday.

    The first thing you might ask: why were two of the most significant events of the year on the same day? Why would Inspector General Michael Horowitz's long-awaited report drop simultaneously with the second day of the Jerry Nadler-led Judiciary Committee hearings? Answer: Nadler wanted to blunt the potential force of the IG report. He ascertained its release date and promptly booked his hearings.


    IG Report: A Boxing Match...With Headgear And Puffy Gloves

    Nadler knew that his hearings were liable to sputter as pitifully as Adam Schiff's Intelligence Committee circus. Prescription: the more background noise, the better. And it worked. Parsing Twitter and online comment sections this afternoon and evening, it's clear that folks are confused about what happened today. Some Democrats are even claiming victory. I will point out why that's a position they will soon regret.

    Who is Michael Horowitz?

    Horowitz is the same attorney who ruled on Hillary's emails. His verdict? Nothing to see here, folks. So it comes as no surprise that he summarizes the 2016 election--FBI, FISA, Peter Strzok/Lisa Page, Comey, Brennan--as a case of it looks bad, but it's not technically criminal.

    It's not a total loss, far from it. Horowitz exposes some of the Dem ghouls, he just chooses to call them "apparitions." You have to read between the lines because Horowitz is forced to do delicate work here. His black-masked master has told him not to sacrifice anyone, not even smug foot soldiers like Strzok. But Horowitz can't come back to his actual, legal employer's tent and tell Trump that nothing happened. He has to have, if not scalps, some bloody strands of hair.

    So we get this:

    The report concludes that despite nearly everybody investigating President Trump hating him - and that evidence was fabricated by at least one FBI attorney, and that they misrepresented Christopher Steele's credentials, none of their bias 'tainted' the investigation, and the underlying process was sound.
    That said, Horowitz faults the FBI for "significant inaccuracies and omissions" in their applications to secretly monitor Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, and agents "failed to meet the basic obligation" to ensure the applications were "scrupulously accurate."


    Horowitz is a putz. But we knew that. Nothing in the IG report should surprise anyone. This was the warm-up round. Attorney General Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham's report is the real deal. If you doubt it, note that both men took the rare step of publicly disagreeing (rebuking Horowitz!) the IG report today.

    Don't Cut Nads Off

    What is perhaps more telling than the diluted Horowitz report is this: major TV networks CUT AWAY from coverage of Jerry Nadler's Judiciary hearings when Republicans went after Joe and Hunter Biden's Burisma plunder. That's right: MSM cut back to soap operas and daytime celeb chat-shows once the true ghosts of Ukraine apparated in the House chambers.

    The Judiciary Hearings, Day 2: Where's Waldo?

    The Judiciary Hearings were a mess. More parliamentary procedure abuse, more roll calls to object to said abuse, more earnest-faced lies followed by obfuscation. Boring.

    Click this. It's worth it.

    The questions without answers: where is the whistleblower? For that matter, where's Schiff, but really and fundamentally, WHERE IS ERIC CIARAMELLA? This entire proceeding is predicated on a CIA officer who wasn't on the call entering a complaint about a telephone call between legally elected leaders. Until he shows up and testifies, these hearings are truly bogus.

    This is what it has come to: Alex Jones' understudy Owen Shroyer straight up #LOOMERED the hearings today. I'm not chastising him, this kind of thing is de rigueur for such shameful proceedings.


    Hat tips: Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and even Doug Collins, though we wish you'd slow down and work on syntax. Steve Castor should be fired. A moldy wheel of cheese would be more effective and smell less of bureaucratic mollycoddling.

    Bank on Durham. If I'm wrong, call me out. Then again, if I'm wrong that Durham will bring criminal charges, we will be that much closer to the national abyss. On one hand, you could accuse me of trying to sound dramatic in the closing lines of this rambler of an article. On the other--and if you're having trouble falling asleep tonight--just remember: the Dems are so out of ammo, they now resort to double-booking bad news cycles.

    A Swalwell fart would make enough wind to knock over their house of cards.


    Court Anderson

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