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    Lefty-Overs: Will Hillary (Cough) Really (Cough) Run In (Cough) 2020?

    December 11, 2019
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    Hillary Clinton. Screencap: YouTube

    Speculation is growing that Hillary Clinton will run in 2020. In recent appearances on the Howard Stern Show and other daytime talk shows, she is artful in her replies.

    "As I say, never, never, never say never," she told the BBC. "I will certainly tell you, I'm under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it...Of course I think about it. I think about it all the time,” Clinton said.

    I, for one, believe that she's under pressure. Look at the Democrat field, it's like the Seven Dwarves (and it is in fact seven candidates now, as Andrew Yang qualified for the next debate just yesterday).

    • Biden is Sleepy
    • Mayor Pete is Happy
    • Amy Klobuchar is Angry
    • Tom Steyer is Richy
    • Andrew Yang is Lucky
    • Bernie Sanders is Grumpy
    • Elizabeth Warren is Fakey

    Next to this lot, Hillary can fairly claim the leading role of Snow White.

    What's telling is the nature of her public appearances. She started off with daughter Chelsea by her side, promoting their co-authored book. She was downright human on Stern, joking about her first date with Bill, how the Trump victory was the one of the hardest days in her life, and that no, she's not a lesbian. She has clearly been practicing at relatability.

    The question of whether to take her seriously isn't the point. She will run if she thinks she can win. A recent poll shows that she would immediately be the leading candidate among the Democratic field, 21 points to Biden's 20. So that has to be reassuring...but Clinton likely won't commit until she sees evidence that she could beat President Trump.

    Like Bloomberg, Hillary isn't concerned with missing primaries. In fact, given her numerous slips, fainting spells, and weird loss of muscle control on the campaign train in 2016, she is better off waiting. Like Bloomberg, she is banking on a brokered convention. The DNC has always provided for Hillary, legally and otherwise, so her chances for securing a brokered nomination are good. As Steve Bannon points out, "Show me anybody else on that stage who comes close to that level of support. Mayor Pete going to get 65 million votes? I don’t think so."

    See you next fall? Hillary Clinton. Screencap: YouTube

    In 2016, celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky discussed Clinton's health. Some of his concerns: transverse sinus thrombosis, blood coagulation issues, hyperthyroidism, and antiquated medical treatment. Here's a link to the video, skip to 4:08.

    The point is, Hillary displayed multiple serious health concerns nearly four years ago. Those unique blue sunglasses turn out to be prescription lenses designed to thwart epileptic seizures. Is she...all better now? Have walks in the woods allowed her to come to terms with her loss?

    It's funny. Imagining Hillary in the race is at once impossible and inevitable. Why does she think she stands a chance this time? At the same time, she's the best the Democrats can muster.

    Unless (the supremely unqualified) Michelle Obama runs as well. Then we'd have ourselves a POTUS wives cage match with the "dynasty" tag on the line. For either to jump in, it's a matter of pride and power. They're both already lottery-tier rich.

    What do you think? Will she do it?



    Court Anderson

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    Let her run, Bill becomes the next Prince Andrew.


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