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    Trump Drops Bomb On Pelosi

    December 17, 2019
    Screencap: YouTube

    In the interest of recording his positions and thoughts for the living and the unborn, President Donald J. Trump wrote a six page letter to Nancy Pelosi on the eve of his impeachment. It appears to have come straight from Trump's mouth, replete with signature phrases and the kind of capitalization for emphasis that we see in his tweets, albeit with an edit here or there for the sake of gravitas.

    Here is a link to the letter, or you can read the screencaps below.

    Twitter has provided several hot takes, and the once-august New York Times has opined in snitty fashion that the letter is "rambling." CD Media's take: this will indeed be a document historians pore over. Trump rebuts the two articles of impeachment drawn up against him, summarizes his accomplishments in office, then provides a timeline of events, from those calling for his impeachment at his inauguration to the Russia probe, Mueller's underwhelming investigation, and up to the present moment. He then directs his fire at Pelosi and other Democratic leaders.

    Here is the letter in full:



    CDM Staff

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    Spot on to Nasty Pelosi. Trump correct again.


    what a letter .......


    Bravo Mr. President. Bravo.
    Get involved people. Encourage people to get involve. Our voice IS the republic. Teach your children our true history. Talk to them about what is going on and why it should be rooted out.
    Keep America on the road to recovery and vote these pathetic out-of-touch do-nothings out in 2020. And for godsakes... bring back term limits!


    Am with you President Trump. Love the letter, will be historic. I stand by you. Democrats best keep looking over their shoulders. They have no idea whom they have awakened. Many are voting for President Trump.


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