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    Barr Calls Out Soros, Now What? Pt. 1 In A History Of Soros' Plan To Radicalize America

    December 23, 2019
    George Soros. Screencap: YouTube

    U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr appeared on FOX News three days ago with Martha MacCallum. As many have noted, the bombshell contained in his brief interview was Barr calling out billionaire investor and social justice godfather George Soros. The supposed crime? Throwing money at local district attorney races around the country.

    The troubling issue is that the DA candidates Soros has supported are, to put it very mildly, lax on crime. To a Soros sympathizer, these are the actions of a man seeking to fight the "carceral state," the leftist idea that the US systemically imprisons people not because they break laws, but to build a for-profit prison state. To anyone paying attention, many of the Soros-supported candidates are so far left as to court the label of anarchist. Soros isn't fighting for the oppressed, he is fighting against the rule of law.


    Not Breaking News, But Now Recognized Nationally

    The Soros DA story made headlines this week, but it's nothing new. As far back as 2016, Soros has funded local District Attorney races in an apparent subversive attempt to control criminal policy at the relatively grassroots level.

    As the Daily Caller noted in 2018, the process of buying district attorney races isn't illegal. [Emphasis added]

    Soros has the routine down. He uses powerhouse Democratic law firm Perkins Coie to set up a super PAC named some variant of “Justice & Public Safety.” The super PAC will surface late in a DA race, using the kind of capital typically reserved for a national political race to fund a series of attack ads benefitting Soros’ preferred candidate, who wins almost every time.

    The goal is to influence the nation’s criminal justice policies from the ground up by boosting progressive lawyers to victory in DA races around the country. It’s legal and appears to be working.

    Soros poured $7 million into 11 district attorneys’ races across the country between 2015 and 2016, The Washington Times found. Soros’ preferred candidate won in nine of the 11 races. Soros repeated the move in two more races in 2017 tracked by The Daily Caller. Soros spent almost $2 million on the two races. His preferred candidate won both times.

    Soros spent just under $1.7 million to help Philadelphia attorney Larry Krasner win his city’s DA seat in November. Soros pushed the money through his Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety super PAC. Soros gave the bulk of the donations, $1.45 million, during the primary, boosting Krasner to victory over a crowded Democratic field. Krasner coasted to victory in the general election. He purged 31 prosecutors in his first few days on the job.

    If Soros were tilting at windmills, serious persons such as Barr wouldn't have cause for concern. But Soros is winning. He has a proven formula and virtually bottomless campaign funds. Sure, AG Barr has called him out, but it's unclear how he might prosecute such subversion of justice.

    One thing is clear: Barr has patiently and methodically set the stage for several battles in recent weeks. He wouldn't make this amount of noise just for the hell of it.

    More to come on Soros' cultural war on America and the west.



    Court Anderson

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    Pretty lousy "Attorney General":
    Did George Soros disclose his Nazi collaboration on his USA immigration papers?
    I guarantee he did NOT, because he would not have been admitted to America.
    Therefore he LIED on his immigration forms and his "admittance" to America is NULL & VOID.
    Item No. 56 on the form I-485 to adjust immigrant status to that of permanent resident which must be signed and sworn to under oath before a U.S. immigration officer.: During the period from March 23, 1933 to May 8, 1945, did you ever order, incite, assist, or otherwise participate in the persecution of any person because of race, religion, national origin, or political opinion, in association with either the Nazi government of Germany or any organization or government associated or allied with the Nazi government of Germany? Yes______ No______
    Deport Soros & his SPAWN to their native Hungary (which has an arrest warrant for WWII out on him).


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