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    January 6, 2020
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    Mainstream media paints Trump as ruthless. But Obama is the undisputed king of drone warfare, and it's increasingly clear he wasn't against ISIS at all.

    Barack Obama. YouTube.

    Much has been made of the airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump which resulted in Iranian General Qassem Soleimani's death. Trump stands accused of killing a "dignified" poet, abusing Executive power, even fomenting World War III. Perhaps the House will impeach him again for the crime of killing a terrorist.

    Yes, Soleimani was placed on the U.S. designated terrorist list in 2005, and sanctioned by the U.N. in 2007 for his role in their nuclear program. Responsible for the deaths of roughly 600 Americans--though some put that number closer to 1,000--it isn't enough for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who calls the U.S. response to repeated Iranian attacks "disproportionate."

    This pantomime of false outrage has caused many to scratch their heads and think back to a former president, one Barack Hussein Obama, under whose watch ISIS was created, growing into the largest global terror operation the world has ever seen. (Until Trump chased them from their urban strongholds and destroyed their bases of operation, stolen tanks, and dusty Toyota pickup trucks--their entire physical caliphate--in just two years.)

    One has to ask: how was ISIS able to flourish when Obama was dropping bombs like a man possessed? The Nobel Peace Prize recipient was responsible for record numbers of unmanned sorties and exploded ordnance, as reported in this 2016 article:

    As Obama’s murderous proxy wars in Iraq and Syria have spun further out of control, U.S. special operations forces and U.S.-trained death squads on the ground have increasingly been backed up by U.S. and allied air forces. Four years ago, as Obama was inaugurated for a second term, I wrote that the U.S. and its allies dropped 20,000 bombs and missiles in his first term. In his second term, they have dropped four times that number, bringing the total for Obama’s presidency to over 100,000 bombs and missiles striking seven countries, surpassing the 70,000 unleashed on five countries by George W. Bush.

    Consortium News

    That's right, Obama far outstripped the number of bombs dropped by "shock and awe" Dubya. He also crushed Bush's total number of sorties by a factor of ten with well over 500. Bush is merely the architect of drone warfare. Obama is its G.O.AT. Worse, he set the ugly precedent of killing Americans abroad without trial. Obama, the Kenyan-American "legal scholar," is responsible for the death of habeas corpus.

    His brand of carnage was not only ineffective, as our supposed enemy grew in numbers and influence, it was often indiscriminate. Who can forget the accidental Doctors Without Borders hospital bombing in 2015? Obama ultimately issued a public apology for the incident, but only after four days of changing stories and shuffled blame. It was the most memorable incident, but far from the only time innocent lives were lost.

    While the Obama administration put the collateral damage death count at between 64 and 116 civilian deaths, the nonprofit group, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, puts the numbers much higher: between 384 and 696.

    So many bombs, so little effect on our sworn enemies. Of course, this begins to make sense when one considers that, as CD Media and others have reported, the CIA founded ISIS to defeat Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

    So while the bombs rained down, they paved the way for ISIS instead of plowing them under. Obama's dismissive comments about ISIS--that they were the "JV" squad compared to al Qaeda, not worthy of our full attention--begin to make more sense in hindsight. Nothing to see here, just some neocon regime change!

    It's just the latest example of a Dem accusation boomeranging. Photos of kids in cages, Russian collusion, Ukrainian malfeasance, racism, sexual perversion: virtually every leftist smear has come back to implicate the party of Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Schiff, and Obama.

    You might call it a bombshell.



    Court Anderson

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