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    Happy TDS Day! Dems Freak Out, Comedic Results...

    January 31, 2020

    With the potential for Trump's acquittal and Brexit completion in the same day, globalist lefties are losing their marbles.

    From Politizoid. YouTube

    Their hysterics are, well, hysterical. Olympic-level mental gymnastics are on full display on CNN and MSNBC as talking heads search for comfort. Houdini would have been proud of the hypocritical contortions performed by Democrats in the Senate trial. There's so much bad news for leftists today that they got started protesting last night.

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff was literally begging to be heard at the close of yesterday's session in the Senate impeachment trial. Apparently, conservatives aren't the only ones exhausted by hearing Schiff repeat the same tired spiel.

    Fellow manager Jerry Nadler sent a strong message of oy gevalt when he got his Harlem shuffle on, beating feet to steal the microphone from the hapless Schiff, who turned the cringe up to eleven when he tried to stop Nadler by quacking at him, "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" He sounded like Uncle Leo from Seinfeld.

    Guaranteed meme platform. Senate impeachment trial. YouTube

    It turns out Nadler didn't have anything special to say either, but he spared us all. Thank you, congressman, and congratulations on setting a new all-time record in the Senate 10-yard dash.

    Hakeem Him But I Don't Believe Him

    Impeachment Manager Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) has the acting range of Kristen Stewart: one expression for all occasions. Jeffries' RBF--that is, resting bitch face--is immutable. It doesn't matter if he's bending the truth, pretending to be ethical, OR...defending Hillary Clinton's payment for the very opposition research at the root of the Russian collusion accusation (which led to the Mueller investigation).

    That's right, Jeffries had the stones to claim that the Clinton-funded Steele dossier--you know, the MI-6 agent Christopher Steele's tale of Trump's Russian hookers urinating on hotel beds--was just fine and dandy because...she PAID FOR IT. As opposed to what? Doing the fake sleuthing herself? Bartering for the dossier? Stealing it?

    Skip to 0:48. Or don't--the lead-up is pretty good too.

    This is the Democratic Party. Jeffries delivers a line worthy of a county sheriff who finds himself in the bright lights of the national press for the first time: The automobile in question at this juncture in the investigation was commandeered by the perpetrator, and proceeded at a dangerously high rate of speed until it intersected with the embankment, and the occupant was ejected on a diagonal trajectory...

    "Uh, the analogy, uh, is not applicable to the present situation, because first, to the extent, uh, that opposition research was obtained, it was opposition research that was purchased."

    Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

    His obfuscatory syntax and diction were not a mistake, of course. It's sad, not funny, because Jeffries tossed this word salad in an attempt to camouflage his intent, which is to throw Hillary under the bus...gently. Paying for a crime doesn't make it legal. If anything, it adds another layer of illegality. Jeffries: a politician's politician.

    Let's hope he doesn't end up Arkancided.

    Twitter Hot Takes Here And Across The Pond

    It's not just the presumptive acquittal of Trump that has lefties hot under the collar today. It's Brexit Day! At 11:00 pm tonight, Greenwich Mean Time, it's toodles to Globalism Inc. Further, the move portends a renewal of the "special relationship" between the U.S. and the U.K.

    The glacial Brexit process will soon conclude, and bloody hell, globo-blokes are hopping mad. Pass the popcorn, and maybe a spot of tea.



    Court Anderson

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    […] Happy TDS Day! Dems Freak Out, Comedic Results… […]

    Slem Tarbich

    Leftists would rather destroy the country, then allow their power to be diminished....


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