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Petulant Pelosi Rips Up Speech…Names Of Dead Soldiers On Those Pages

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. YouTube.

This isn’t an article. Merely a pictorial recognition of the frustrated, immature response of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the overarching speech delivered by President Donald Trump this evening.

The image stands on its own: Pelosi rending a document that celebrated American prosperity, the rising number of Americans with the dignity of work over handouts, and of course, the sacrifice of American patriots everywhere.

Pelosi reigns over a “two-Americas” district: San Francisco, a once-great city, now befouled, addicted, and split into overlapping communities of millionaires and homeless.

The gall Pelosi possesses to rip up a message of hope–upon the eve of her greatest failure–is beyond silly, beyond childish. She is a disrespectful, unpatriotic, and ultimately fraudulent politician. Note: her hands were shaking in rage.

Admit your manifold failures, Mrs. Pelosi. We see you, and are not impressed. Freedom unifies us, whereas you divide. Even when it comes to a document, a copy of a sober, inspiring message.

Names of soldiers killed in the defense of our country were on those pages, Madame Speaker.

For shame.

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Court Anderson


Petulant Pelosi Rips Up Transcendent Speech February 5, 2020 at 8:59 am

[…] piece originally appeared on CD Media and is used by […]

2fred February 5, 2020 at 3:18 pm

Judy Woodruff’s (PBS) post-SOTU opening moments told much. She was almost stunned; nonplussed, as though dazed that POTUS didn’t gnash over the near-meaningless impeachment charade, denying the chance to pounce and criticize.

In apparent safety mode, Ms. Woodruff avoided all congratulatory language, reverting to factual statements only, unable to bring her wit to bear deriving negative spin out of the gate.

We saw similar disappointment in Nancy, through unfiltered peevish contempt and anger. Perhaps from staring political impotence in the face.

Juxtapose Judy who has self control. In the past, she adopted brief sour ‘constipated’ frowns when starting negative Trump segments, as though cuing drone lemming audiences for desired emotional tone. In the past year she is more subtle.

The Emperor’s New Clothes of the alt left aren’t covering their offering very well.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Redemption Story? February 9, 2020 at 1:13 am

[…] It’s pretty offensive that Pelosi thinks so little of Americans that we can’t understand and enjoy a damn parody video. As CD Media’s Court Anderson put it last week, ” The gall Pelosi possesses to rip up a message of hope–upon the eve of her greatest failure–is be….” […]


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