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    Laura Loomer Goes Around Silicon Valley To Raise Big Money On Gab

    February 15, 2020
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    Laura Loomer Goes Around Silicon Valley To Raise Big Money On Gab
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    Congressional candidate Laura Loomer, who is banned on all social media, and even Uber and other big-tech websites out of censorship spite from Silicon Valley, is raising big money of the free speech social network -- Gab.com.

    Laura Loomer is the first political candidate running ads on the new Gab Ads platform. We want to show the world that democracy doesn't require the permission of Silicon Valley or the mainstream media to thrive. We need to send a strong message to the establishment and political old guard in Washington, wrote Gab in an email advertisement.

    Despite being banned from every major Big Tech platform, Laura has thrived on Gab and outraised her opponent Democrat Lois Frankel for two quarters in a row. Laura is running in Florida's 21st District, which is home to President Donald Trump and the First Lady. 

    The media is underestimating her. Silicon Valley is terrified of her. 

    As pressure mounts on social media platforms who are obviously putting their finger on the scale for the upcoming national elections, market pressure may be the best weapon of all to stop their nefarious tactics. Recent comments by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, declaring Facebook is no longer censoring political content, may be a hat tip to this phenomenon.

    The Department of Justice is also ramping up investigations on the conduct of big-tech when it comes to political free speech.

    A combination of both will be required to force change.



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