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The Outrage Mob Came For Me At Emory University. Here’s How To Stop It

The Outrage Mob Came For Me At Emory University. Here’s How To Stop It
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Last month, I was supposed to give a speech at Emory University about diversity and knowledge. But the campus Left couldn’t let someone question its dogma without putting up a fight. 

A member of the student government tried to prevent my arrival altogether by initiating a discrimination complaint against the group that hosted me. The student official charged that the Emory College Republicans should be investigated for discriminating against other Emory students — merely by inviting me to campus.

The student government dismissed this complaint on jurisdictional grounds, since my appearance was not funded by student activity fees. Nevertheless, the College Republicans and any other student group that might contemplate hosting a controversial speaker were put on notice: All possible means to thwart your efforts to question academic orthodoxies will be used against you. This is, sadly, par for the course. Long after a controversial invitee leaves campus, conservative student groups often face harassment and abuse for having invited a dissenter…

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EHS February 13, 2021 at 7:21 pm

ole britania lost in the misdt of time.. queen and queers and a complete lost of back bone. The island is adrift.. I am surprised that the Islamists would even want it.


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