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    BernieBros Breaking Campaign Laws Down Under

    February 23, 2020
    Bernie Sanders Campaign Volunteers in Australia/Twitter

    Bernie supporters across the globe are open about their participation in Bernie Sander’s presidential election campaign. Australian citizens are now brazenly bragging about their outreach to American voters and telling them to vote for Sanders.

    Cut from the same Soviet cloth, foreign Bernie volunteers believe they’re justified in their interference in the U.S. elections. Some say they “feel inspired” and wish they had a candidate like Bernie to support at home.

    How They Do It

    Organizers in Australia are using advanced software to mass-text up to 1000 U.S. citizens at one time and then engage with those that respond.

    Screenshot from Australian organizer's YouTube tutorial

    One of the group organizers named Rob opened up recently in an interview about why this was so important and the American reaction to his meddling:

    “Studies show people are much more likely to read text messages than emails.

    ‘I've definitely had some genuine conversations,’ [pro-Bernie foreign organizer] Rob said.

    ‘It's about talking to people who are already on board and getting them to come to things.’

    Of course, not everyone is on board.

    ‘It's a bit of a shock when you get on there - you don't really realise how many people love Trump. You forget what it's like in America,’ he said.

    ‘"One of the most common responses is 'I love Trump. MAGA.’”

    'Inspired across the ocean': Young Australians are texting Americans to 'Vote Bernie'

    The Australian group is so organized that they run workshops teaching their fellow countrymen (not ours) how to participate and volunteer. Some volunteers are so dedicated their only function is teaching other "volunteers" how to use the sophisticated applications.

    Screenshot for organizer Kyle Machado's online tutorial/YouTube

    So, why do Australians even care who is the U.S. President?

    Because communism is a global movement. The same people participating in the Melbourne chapter of the Sanders election campaign are also members of Aussie’s Green party which started as a conservation group and quickly became its largest “wokeism” party. The Greens now represent the bastion of the communist brigade down under.

    Some of their own members have been tied to the large and disastrous bushfires that ravaged the nation and have been ongoing since the summer of 2019. Most rational humans can’t relate to being so woke that you literally set your world on fire just to prove climate change is an existential threat -- and that you aren't insane for believing so.

    No surprise then that "watermelon-commies" (green on the outside, red on the inside) would latch on to someone like Bernie. I’m just a bit shocked at them embracing a slogan like “Feel the Bern”, all things considered.

    The most important question is: is it legal for him to accept foreign aid in his campaign?

    That would take the FBI and DOJ another 5+ year investigation and fifty-million-dollars to find out that this type of behavior is part and parcel of globalism. But we all know what happened when a few Macedonians posted some pro-Trump memes and Russian nationals made some political (left and right leaning) Facebook groups: conservatives went to jail.

    While there is an argument that this is a free speech issue, my vengeful side still wants to see this handled with the same ferocity that befell Russian edgelord posters, relentlessly mocked for election meddling.

    More seriously though, could this count as an in-kind donation?

    These foreign campaigners are making United States interstate calls, so there are tariffs and regulations involved because long-distance tolls are being paid. Also, when regarding international calling, there are other legalities at play and, most importantly, the bills are being paid by somebody. There is some real money being spent and I don’t know who can argue that spending that money for a campaign cannot considered a donation.

    Money isn’t the only issue that would qualify as an in-kind donation. Even if they’re not being paid for it, international Berniebros are volunteering hours and labor which means that Sanders could be willingly accepting an illegal gift to his campaign. This isn’t like memes floating on Twitter. This is an organized group where there entire purpose is to help Bernie Sanders get elected. They even had lame matching t-shirts made!

    Arguably, this is far worse than Russians posting on social media. These individuals are working in an officially connected capacity and using resources to contact American voters (unsolicited) via calls and texts.

    If the Sanders campaign is having direct communication and exchanging information with these people from a foreign country, then Bernie and his campaign should be held accountable.

    Check out these quotes from an ABC article that lovingly interviewed members of the Australian committee to get Sanders elected late January:

    A group of about seven Australians showed up there to volunteer," he said. "There was also a bunch of people from Germany.

    In Australia we don't have any exciting candidates for people to rally around.

    Chris, the group organiser, said Sanders was the only politician who had ever inspired him.

    "If there was an Australian version of Bernie I would get behind him or her," he said.

    He said that, apart from the texting, he also does cold calls.

    "Ten per cent of Americans say, 'Get your nose out of our business', but most people are interested and it usually becomes a talking point," he said.

    "They say why are you making calls to America? And how are you making calls?"

    "And what time is it over there?"

    On these occasions, Chris [Melbernie organizer] tells them that Australia already has the kind of universal healthcare that Sanders wants to introduce to the US.

    He also tells them the current Australian minimum wage is even higher than what Sanders has been proposing in their country.

    "I explain my story about living in Australia and being inspired across the ocean," he said.

    "I don't always convince voters but people are always intrigued why I'm going to all the effort."

    Melbourne is a liberal cesspool. If they’re not content ruining their own country, do they need to mess up ours too?



    Taylor Day

    Taylor Day lives in New England where she enjoys being an outspoken anti-SJW, firearm enthusiast and writer. Her previous publications include The New York Times, U.S. Catholic and American Thinker with appearances on MSNBC and LocknLoad Radio.
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    Marxists have tried Stalinism, Maoism, National Socialism, now it's Trotskyism. It would ironic if they make more inroads in converting the world to Marxism via Trotsky then did all the other disciples of Marx.

    Trotsky believed in a gradual assimilation of the planet through non-violent "gentle" means. He was sure he would be successful and it would take generations.

    Stalin sent an assassin to Mexico where Trotsky fled and had him assassinated. Demonstrating that full bore violent Marxism is effective in the short term.


    I wish I would get one of those texts. I would make their little commie heads explode.


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