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    Ilhan Omar: Pack Your Bags! A *Legal* Immigrant Wants Your Seat

    February 29, 2020
    Dalia al-Aqidi.

    Minneapolis journalist Dalia al-Aqidi took the stage at CPAC this morning. She is running for Rep. Ilhan Omar's seat in the House (MN-5). And she has the platform, the charisma, and the story to make it happen.

    At first glance, al-Aqidi seems a lot like Omar. The candidate recognizes as much in a campaign ad, but with a disclaimer. “We might seem nearly alike, but we couldn’t be further apart.”

    Al-Aqidi is a Muslim (not an Islamist), a legal American (not a brother-marrying cheat), and she exudes a genuine love of America (and not the stench of treason).

    I love America, and I want to give back. That's why I'm running for Congress against Ilhan Omar!"

    --Dalia al-Aqidi

    She fled Iraq with her family in 1988, escaping to Saudi Arabia, as reported by Minneapolis newspaper City Pages:

    In 1988, when she was in her 20s, Al-Aqidi, her mother, and her infant half-brother fled the country.  From there she joined Radio Free Iraq in Saudi Arabia and cut her journalistic teeth. She was later able to get a passport and move to the United States in the early '90s, and has lived here ever since.

    As far as her beliefs, al-Aqidi is straightforward on the issues. "I believe in smaller government, lower taxes, less government spending, freedom of employment, and election integrity." Just as importantly, she's a uniter in matters of faith, famously wearing a cross on air to show solidarity with Iraqi Christians in 2014.

    If you live in Minnesota, or know anyone who lives in Minneapolis, forward this to them. Get behind al-Aqidi--not just because she's opposing a despicable congresswoman, but because she herself is a great example of how legal immigration creates true Americans.



    CDM Staff

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    Kevin Bearly

    No Muslim should be allowed to vote or hold office in the U.S. Their allegiance is to Islam.

    100% TOXIC MALE

    100% agreed


    How about a candidate who isn't Islamic? That'd be great! Someone NOT beholden to Sharia and honir killings and arranged marriages between adults and children? Enough of embracing the evils of Islam.

    no one

    Islamic, Islam, Koran, Sharia, all are one.....all read & follow it, why trust a Muslim loyal to the Koran?
    Koran states a Muslim cannot speak or act against the Koran unless it's to advance Islam & sharia
    in a foreign nation. Why are we not learning from Europe and the Muslims who arrived there and are in elected position such as the Mayor of London England who put sharia ahead of the nations citizens. Wake up people.


    Later Omar, am gonna eat a pork roast in your honor


    A Muslim is a Muslim. No distinction is made between a Muslim and an “Islamist”. If one adheres to that so-called faith, they cannot serve in the US government in any role, as their allegiance is to the Koran, regardless of what they claim. Their sworn oath to uphold our constitution is a lie. Their goals are to infiltrate, subvert, subjugate, and overthrow any country not ruled by sharia. We need to confront this enemy of freedom on every front. Personally, I do not intend to live under an evil, barbaric ideology that has a propensity for goats and can’t even figure out what toilet paper is used for.


    I know a legal immigrant Iraqi Christian and he works harder than most. Solid gold individual - totally deserves and EARNED his place in America. Family guy too - more Americans should be like him; He is more American than many born here.

    Did you catch the amazing aspect of this story? Dalia, a Muslim, wore a Christian cross to express solidarity with freedom-loving people.

    Where are you other Muslims on this? Hiding behind CAIR and their self-pity enabling excusionary attack role?

    Dalia shows you how it's done. LEADERSHIP.


    I agree with other posters here that we shouldn't have a Muslim in any government in the US and especially in Washington, DC. If they are adherents to the Muslim faith, they want to overthrow our government and take over our country for Islam. In fact, they are demanded to do so. There is a black American man running for Omar's seat who is a Christian and will serve honorably. We should be supporting HIM!

    […] Ilhan Omar: Pack Your Bags! A Legal Immigrant Wants Your Seat […]

    […] This article originally appeared at source […]


    Islam means submission. Muslims are those who have submitted. You cannot be Muslim unless you submit. If she does not believe/submit, why does she call herself Muslim?

    Matthew M

    since its the house, I'd be willing to give her a chance, she alone can't do much even if she lied to get elected...... if it turned out we couldnt trust her, she's still only 1 of 435 and if we are doing our jobs as voters in other districts, it would be pretty easy to minimize any harm she could do. so far she has done things the right way, I won't let fear drive my vote, or I would be playing right into democrat messaging hands.

    if she betrays our trust, she's out in 2 years, just like ilhan omar. honestly what's the worst she could do? being a freshman she cant get into a leadership role, so what, bloviate at worst like most other representatives?

    she's earned her opportunity, lets not play the democrats identity politics game.


    antoneforcongress dot com

    appears to be the democrat candidate you refer to

    Joe B

    Am I crazy to want politicians who love America instead of those who hate her?


    The left didn't care that Odumbo was not a legal immigrant, why do you think they would care that this head bag is a usurper.


    She talks a good game but I wouldn't trust her. Anything would be better than Omar though.


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