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    Elizabeth Warren Folds Her Tent

    March 5, 2020
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    Elizabeth Warren. YouTube

    The volatile presidential primary campaign of Elizabeth Warren is over. The progressive U.S. Senator from Massachusetts is preparing to announce her withdrawal in a press conference on national television within the hour.

    Warren earned perhaps the most famous of President Donald Trump's nicknames. The "Pocahontas" label was devastating to Warren's nascent campaign for the same reason all humor works: it's uncomfortably true. Warren did indeed use an apparent bit of family lore to claim Native American status in the halls of academic and legal power for her entire career.

    The deception, intentional or not, was lampooned on social media, down to such tawdry details as Warren's entries in a cookbook titled "Pow Wow Chow."

    Warren submitted to a DNA test and released the results in October of 2018. The test revealed an embarrassingly low possibility of as little as 1/1,024th non-Caucasian DNA. In February of 2019, she publicly apologized to the Cherokee Nation, alms that were poorly received.

    Amazingly, Warren's campaign survived. She plugged away, touting her Medicare For All plan, her wealth tax, and her energetic support of Planned Parenthood, a platform well received by college educated Baby Boomers. Over the summer months of 2019, she led the race, or tied for the lead with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, in several polls.

    It was the medicare plank that flipped up and smacked Warren in the face. With a cost of over $30 trillion in the first decade, the idea is impossible on its face. Worse, Warren couldn't produce the math to pay for such an extravagant plan.

    Warren proved yet again that among Democrats, behavior that contradicts liberal ideals is fine. What ruins a Democrat's chances is the inability to maintain the illusion that socialism can work in America. Barack Obama had the silver tongue, the ability to pooh-pooh logical objection, hence his sainted place in the halls of leftism.

    Warren's legacy in this campaign is twofold. First, she took out Bloomberg at the knees in his first debate, destroying his momentum. Lastly, by staying in the race through Super Tuesday, she hurt her ideological brother Bernie Sanders, so much so that she may have cost him the nomination.

    Now all that remains to be seen is who she endorses. I suspect it will be Bernie, but the DNC may have gotten their hooks in her. Don't be surprised if she endorses Biden, or compromises, or doesn't endorse at all just yet.



    Court Anderson

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