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    Pelosi's Horns Show: Abortion Funding In Chinavirus Bill, Won't Delay Recess

    March 12, 2020
    Nancy Pelosi. YouTube

    “I’m not sticking around because they don’t want to agree to language,” said Pelosi, referring to the upcoming congressional recess.

    In a deeply cynical maneuver, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had her personal staff write up a coronavirus response bill that includes various Democrat-favored provisions. One such extra: funding abortion providers through a back door. That's right, Pelosi is trying yet again to circumvent the Hyde Amendment, in place since Trump took office. The amendment blocks abortion providers from receiving federal funding. She distributed it to fellow legislators last night...at 11:00 p.m.

    What does abortion have to do with this Chinese plague?

    Pelosi tried to lobby for “several” provisions that stalled bipartisan commitment to the effort. One was a mandate for up to $1 billion to reimburse laboratory claims, which White House officials say would set a precedent of health spending without protections outlined in the Hyde Amendment.

    The Daily Caller

    When Republicans balked and suggested drafting a new bill, Pelosi claimed to be looking out for families. Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, said he could have a new bill ready in 24 to 48 hours, but that wasn't good enough for Pelosi, who said, "We don't need 48 hours, we need to just make a decision to help families right now."

    Wow, she's really committed, right?

    When asked about canceling the congressional recess scheduled for next week, Pelosi flashed an angry look and said, “I’m not sticking around because they don’t want to agree to language." The virus is important all right--right up to where it eats into Nancy's vacation time.

    But...what about just making some bipartisan changes? "Save it for another day" was her reply. The Pelosi prescription: an "after action" review. Fix the bill later so I can go on vacation...and, uh, help the families.

    Not Her First Attempt To Politicize The Wuhan Flu

    Pelosi is good at this kind of political warfare. Her actions are transparent to those who pay attention to politics, but to the low-info voter, it appears quite clear that she's trying to help mitigate the coronavirus fallout, and the darn GOP is thwarting her.

    In a less publicized move just over a week ago, Pelosi was slightly more subtle, but just as devious. She delayed a vote on the initial bill to fight the virus. The effect, of course, was to make the Trump administration appear sluggish.

    The final irony in Pelosi's actions? Her district is one of the hardest hit in the nation. San Francisco now has 18 cases of the disease, and given the large homeless population and squalid conditions the once-great city is now known for, risk of transmission is especially high there.

    From human feces on the street to rampant heroin use, Pelosi has created the ideal breeding ground for the Wuhan virus. Her politicking is hurting the nation, especially the city she calls home.



    Court Anderson

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    Joz Lee

    for Nancy to attach an item that ends life with one that is to save lives shows that she is just plain evil....

    Patricia Hayden

    Pure evil


    Nancy and the do nothing Democrats have obstructed all trump has done, yet he managed to make all the right moves without the degenerate Democrat in Washington. Democrats just made a new corona virus bill, it's a Democrat tax payer funded Ponzi Scheme, Democrats get a kickback to their campaigns from it.

    Sui H

    They are the Real Virus.
    The Democrats


    NanPo is plain corrupt. What a scammer.

    Joe America

    The biggest threat that California has on Covid19 is now Pelosi, and you can bet she won’t be anywhere near the outbreak area. For those California citizens that die because of her hate, .... sorry about that.


    Veto that bill, screw Pelosi and the democrats, no the tax payer will not fund the democrat Ponzi scheme of giving our tax dollar to planned parenthood and getting millions of our tax dollars kicked back to them as campaign donations.

    […] Pelosi’s Horns Show: Abortion Funding In Coronavirus Bill, Won’t Delay Recesshttps://creativedestructionmedia.com/news/politics/2020/03/12/pelosis-horns-show-abortion-funding-in… […]

    Jan in NH

    I'm sure Nancy is shocked that Republicans are finally fighting back against Democrat rule.


    Is it too late to ABORT nancy ?? nancy is the face of the evil demoRATS, so lets pray the virus catches up to her. God has special plans for her !


    So are we gonna fix it or what????


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