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    Destroying America: It's Not A Game

    March 23, 2020

    The GOP Senate leaders could not pass a “shell” bill to enable a stimulus package aimed at mitigating the economic damage caused by the Chinavirus (COVID-19). The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, will be submitting a separate piece of legislation tomorrow. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" and, at this point, the Democrats have nothing left to lose.

    The New Girl

    At a press conference earlier in the day the president was optimistic about the way the deal was proceeding. “They are very close to getting a deal done,” Trump said. “So I’d be surprised if they didn’t and if they don’t, I think frankly the American people will be very upset with the Democrats because the Republicans are ready to approve a deal. The only reason a deal couldn’t get done is pure politics.”

    Surprise: It's pure politics

    Phase 3 of the Congressional relief package is a $2T+ infusion of capital into the U.S. economic system in the form of loans to business, both big and small, and direct payments to the nation's citizens who are forced to stay home from work. Senators have been crafting this legislation for the past 48 hours in 5 separate working groups and they needed to pass a draft aid bill - a placeholder for the real bill still being worked on - in a procedural vote requiring a filibuster proof 60 vote majority. Tonight that vote failed in a 47-47 tie. Five Republican senators were in self-quarantine Sunday evening and could not vote so America is depending on Democrats to do the right thing and save the economy.

    “The American people are watching this spectacle. I’m told the futures market is down 5 percent. I’m also told that’s when trading stops. So the notion that we have time to play games here with the American economy and the American people is utterly absurd,” McConnell said. 

    The Democrats are not playing a game. The Democrats have lousy leadership in Congress, are running a very weak horse in the presidential race and have lost the SCOTUS and Federal courts for a generation. Everything they believe in - from climate change to politically correct social engineering to an all encompassing administrative state - is being rolled back or eliminated. Without the power of government directed by their firm hand the Democrats have no reason to exist by their own definition of politics. They won't pass any legislation to save U.S. businesses or families because unless they get their way the destruction of America is a perfectly acceptable outcome. In their twisted mind the deplorable "We the People" deserve what's happening to us.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    bonnie somer

    SICK is what it is. First of all closing some states is purely communistic. Stopping the liberty of millions. Second: abuse of power and lies AMERICANS ARE TIRED OF IT. Third: there are 3 main states suffering and each are getting govt help. Four: the pres is doing all he can w/the private sector and yet the Dems play politics in order to destroy the economy b/c Biden cannot beat Trump in 2020. My God why would we want anyone but Trump now or then? Time for all Americans to say no more, enough get it done or do nothing but stop the games.


    The expert made a mistake, from high school math, and over 'salted' the death rate. We got another 'hockey stick' graph from the same damn people who are hoping against hope they can replace capitalism and liberty with their own image. Don't comply! Don't you dare - comply with the 'wish lists' of communist sympathizers! They have displayed their evil hand again. Maybe they think guns are unsanitary or something? Stay safe.


    It is now March 23 , 2020 7:56 AM , EST
    Destroying America: It’s Not A Game
    by CD Media StaffMarch 23, 20202 697
    At this time there are two comments already made , One is marked 10:26 AM and the other 11:49 AM
    bonnie somer March 23, 2020 at 10:26 am
    Unconvinced March 23, 2020 at 11:49 am
    From what country or time zone can these comments have come from ?

    Are these fake comments ? Fake News ?


    No Mike. You are fake.

    Nancy Johnson

    Mikey, there are Americans abroad like my son and his family who are trapped in Barcelona trying to get back to the US. From my time zone to his, he is 7 hours ahead.

    Smith, Winston

    The CPUSA will use any means necessary to destroy this republic. Don't be surprised by any depths that they plumb to.


    Oh Mikey, did mommy not pay enough attention to you because you're so simple and boring? Run out to the back yard and have yourself a good cry, the window panes will still be here for you to lick after your big 'ole boo-hoo, so worry not!


    Show me

    Trump will need to send America back to work. Choice now for workers, stay home and starve, go to work and die.
    No one wants to starve.
    Not everyone will die.
    Meds may help, I hope so. They used them in China.


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