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    Don’t Let Democrats Rewrite History

    March 29, 2020
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    President Trump has held an optimistic but serious view on the coronavirus since January. Democrats didn't care until they could get something out of it.

    The Democrats and their propaganda arm are pushing a new narrative that President Trump’s response to the China virus was delayed and is resulting in the deaths of Americans. Today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Jake Tapper as he broadcast from his home, “As the President fiddles, people are dying.”

    The newest "Get Trump" memo is being picked up by the likes of The New York Times and others implying that the President didn't do enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. The party of open borders and globalization are really trying to rewrite history here.

    The True Timeline

    On January 14th, 2020, the first case of the China virus was confirmed in the US. It was also the day Nancy Pelosi finally motioned towards ending the impasse of withholding her articles of impeachment from the Senate and the beginnings of the Senate impeachment trial that consumed the headlines of CNN, The New York Times and other propaganda outlets.

    On January 31st, when President Trump declared a national health emergency over COVID-19 and banned all travel from China, Democrats met the news with claims of xenophobia and racism.

    On February 4th, President Trump gave his State of the Union address to Congress and mentioned the severity of the looming crisis caused by the new coronavirus and Pelosi responded by ripping up a copy of his speech.

    On February 5th, the 12th confirmed case of the Chinese virus was confirmed and the President mobilized the CDC to the affected states, now including Wisconsin, Democrats were voting to remove the duly elected President from office.

    On February 24th, Democrats like Pelosi were still convincing us that the coronavirus wasn’t a serious threat and inviting Americans to patronize their local Chinatowns. That’s right, 34 days ago, which was three weeks after President Trump closed all travel from China, Pelosi was in Chinatown encouraging people to shop and go to restaurants saying, “It’s safe… Come out and join us!”

    If only we had an example of a president not taking a pandemic seriously to compare to. Something like if President Obama didn’t declare a national emergency until over 1,000 Americans lost their lives to the H1N1 flu and was golfing when the announcement was made. It’s not like he totally raided President Bush’s stockpile of N95 masks with no contingency plan to ever replenish them afterwards or anything...

    Every time that a Democrat regurgitates the newest DNC talking point; that President Trump’s “delay” made America vulnerable to the Chinese virus, ask them what Democrats were doing in January and February.



    Taylor Day

    Taylor Day lives in New England where she enjoys being an outspoken anti-SJW, firearm enthusiast and writer. Her previous publications include The New York Times, U.S. Catholic and American Thinker with appearances on MSNBC and LocknLoad Radio.
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