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Nancy Antoinette Loves Chocolate Ice Cream

Nancy Antoinette Loves Chocolate Ice Cream
Let them eat ice cream

On Monday President Trump’s communications team released a devastating advertisement focused on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her dereliction of duty. Rarely has the stark disparity between the lap of luxury comfort enjoyed by coastal elites and the paycheck-to-paycheck desperation of “deplorable” fly-over-country been so powerfully displayed in 75 seconds. See for yourself:

Democrats in Washington DC have been negotiating for a week and holding up additional funding for small business loans critical to keeping these shops and restaurants alive. The initial ask from the GOP was a simple vote to increase the original $350B expenditure by an additional $250B but the Democrats decided to use the lives and fortunes of small business owners as leverage.

Pelosi told CNN there would be about $120 billion in the small-business aid package geared to underbanked, minority-owned businesses. She said Democrats also were seeking $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for testing. Translation: Democrats want $100B of dollars to buy minorities votes who can’t get a bank loan, $75B for big city budgets laundered through the public health system and $25B to set up a national Chinavirus testing bureaucracy.

The GOP is working to get $310 billion for small-business aid. If the Republican-majority Senate passes the bill on Tuesday, it could move to the Democratic-majority House as soon as Wednesday.

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