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    De Blasio Holding NYC Hostage, Asks For $7.4 Billion Ransom

    May 6, 2020

    Although New York City has been seeing a decline in new coronavirus cases, Mayor de Blasio told CNN on Wednesday that the loss of revenue during the shutdown will make it difficult to reopen without all American taxpayers pitching in to help.

    Speaking on CNN's "New Day

    "How are we going to afford to restart our city if right now we are literally out of money? (We are) $7.4 billion in the hole because we've lost so much revenue. It's only going to get worse. How do we pay for all the basic services we need, all the people who have been the heroes of the crisis, police, fire, EMTs, health care workers, educators? There's no money."

    But because de Blasio can't take responsibility for his own incompetence, he went on to accuse President Trump of being more interested in getting federal relief money to “rich people” than helping cities like New York City “get back on their feet.” 

    "We have no guarantees that the federal government is going to help us. That's the only place we can turn for help."

    Mayor Bill de Blasio

    Of course with the Press to defend him, de Blasio will blame his own failures to balance his city's budget on the closest Republican. He accused President Trump of “politicizing a pandemic”, but even if he does, this writer is unsure how that would affect NYC’s operating costs. 

    De Blasio gets a salary of $258,750 a year as mayor of New York City and part of that job description is taking on the financial solvency of the metropolitan. Now, instead of holding the local legislators accountable for all the vote buying they do with state and federal money, he’s passing the bill on to the rest of us.

    Mayor Bill is asking the federal government for a bailout for his own mismanagement of public funds. Instead of cutting all unnecessary - or “non-essential” - programs or reducing city salaries, Bill is planning to wait for American tax dollars to fix his problem, which very well could happen if Democrats win in November elections. 

    There’s an infinite list of other option the Mayor has to fix NYC’s financial situation, whether that is something as drastic as selling Central Park to developers, ending rent control which would increase landlord tax payments to the city, or even just tracking down the $850 million in taxpayer dollars his wife stole lost. Currently, we are unsure whether de Blasio has asked New York Governor Cuomo for help, either, or if he just went straight to the man he has been bashing for years, President Trump.

    Democrats wouldn’t be Democrats if they believed trimming expenses was a solution, though. De Blasio will do what Democrats do best: raise taxes and ask for federal subsidies. It’s what the voters of NYC must want or why would they keep voting for leaders that can’t balance a budget and use taxpayer money to virtue signal with wasteful spending like becoming a Sanctuary City - which, ironically, cost the city exactly what de Blasio says he now needs: $7.4 billion. 



    CDM Staff

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    Irate Nate

    Two choices, Bill - you raise taxes, or you quit spending money you don't have.


    “How are we going to afford to restart our city if right now we are literally out of money? Open up your businesses you moron. Flattening the curve was the goal to prevent the hospitals from being overrun from the virus. We did that. Stop moving the goal post. Get off your keister and get moving. Stop whining.


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