INTERVIEW: Laura Loomer Puts The Swamp On Notice - I'm Gonna Win

May 21, 2020
INTERVIEW:  Laura Loomer Puts The Swamp On Notice  - I'm Gonna Win

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I sat down with Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer who is looking to dethrone FL-21 Democrat Lois Frankel in a closely watched race in November. Ironically, Loomer's birthday is tomorrow -- the 21st. It's no small point that President Trump lives in the district, as well as Limbaugh, Drudge, Stern, Kraft, Ross and Coulter.

After finding a quiet public place to talk in Palm Beach, the thunder, lightning and rain started, but was no match for the electricity Loomer will bring to DC. We ended up having a great conversation.

Listen to the full interview here.

The one thing she makes no bones about is her support for President Trump and his agenda. "He needs someone to represent him in this district and I will be that person!" she declared with remarkable self confidence.

Loomer is not playing around, and she wants The Swamp to know -- she's going to win.

The 27-year-old (who will be the youngest person ever elected to Congress) has been completely deplatformed on all social media, and payment processing apps. In short, she is left out of the gig economy. However, this has not stopped her from bolting ahead in the fundraising contest, out raising all her competitors in the district combined.

The Chinese coronavirus has forced her campaign to pivot, as in addition from being banned on social media, she can't even go door-to-door to talk to her voters, as she was one of the first to follow White House guidance.

"In spite of all this, I'm going to win!" Loomer insisted.

"Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook actually changed his community standards to make it ok for people to threaten me with violence after he banned me."

Roger Stone declared Laura Loomer is Trump's AOC. "I've confronted them all. I am the antidote to The Squad," she said. "I've taken on Comey, Clinton, Ilhan Omar, and Maxine Waters.

"The NRCC is not helping me at all. Why is that? They won't put me on their Young Guns list, even though I'm way ahead of my primary competitors."

In the recording, Loomer touches on what Congressional committees she would like to be on, fund raising efforts, lawsuits against big tech, the Jewish vote in the district, Zionizm and her views on Israel. President has RT'd at least two tweets in support of Laura's race and her supporters are hoping for more.

Video Excerpt of Interview

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9 comments on “INTERVIEW: Laura Loomer Puts The Swamp On Notice - I'm Gonna Win”

  1. I hope she wins the fake news has tried to do a number on her as well as the RINOs.They hate her because she is pro Trump.This kind of BS has got to stop its sick.

  2. I was born and raised in Palm Beach county and Lois Frankel is as corrupt as they come. She's a career politician and need to go.

    Kick her rump Laura!

  3. Before I got banned from Twitter for being "Nervy" I would watch Laura's shenanigans and be totally embarrassed for her.---someone has to be.
    My mother would often denounce "Nervy Jews"--to my bewilderment.
    Now I understood what she meant.
    Thank God Laura is on Trump's side.
    She needs to take "Nervy" to new heights.

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