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    Rod Rosenstein Knows Nothing

    June 4, 2020
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    Rod Rosenstein Knows Nothing
    26 April 2017
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions administers the oath of office to Rod J. Rosenstein to be the Deputy Attorney General of the United States.

    On Monday former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave the Senate Judiciary Committee excuses for his decision to appoint a special counsel to scrutinize ties between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. There were no “ties” between Russia and the anyone of influence in the Trump campaign and the first Attorney General in the Trump administration, Jeff Sessions, knew the calumny was baseless but recused himself from the investigation anyway. This singular act of betrayal will be remembered as the cowardly start of Rod Rosenstien’s leadership as acting AG overseeing the Russian probe (also called “Obamagate”).

    “We’re going to look backward so we can move forward,” committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said in explaining the purpose for the hearings. “If you don’t like Trump, fine, but this is not about liking Trump or not liking Trump. This is about us a nation.”

    Senator Graham looked backward, but not all the way back to the first two months of the Trump administration when AG Sessions asked the President to nominate Mr. Rosenstein to become the Assistant AG. The Judiciary Committee had roughly the same makeup in February, March and April of 2017 that it does today and was under Republican control with Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) chairman. These senators passed Rod Rosenstein out of committee without a scratch and he was approved by the full Senate in a 94-6 vote with not a single GOP nay.

    One of those 2017 yea votes was from Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii who summed up the day by saying, “This hearing wastes this committee’s time in a blatant effort to support the president’s conspiracy theories and to help the president’s reelection.” Put another way Hirono is saying that nothing will come from this or any other of the 50+ possible witness testimonies this summer. Why? Because the Senate Judiciary Committee could have, and should have, killed the Russian Collusion Hoax in March of 2017 the second they found out that the FBI had opened an Espionage Investigation into the Trump campaign - but they did NOT stop it.


    What did the Senators discover during their harassment of the man they hand picked to hold over from the Obama DOJ and appoint to eventually lead the Special Counsel coup attempt on a duly elected President. Let’s list a few items for laughs:

    • Rosenstein believed there had been a sufficient basis for the investigation and for the naming of a special counsel - but since there was no evidence it would be nice to know what that “basis” was.
    • Rosenstein admitted that by August 2017 he knew that there was no criminal conspiracy between Russia and Trump, but everyone in DC knows he knew it in February.
    • The former Assistant AG doesn’t read every page of the FISA applications he rubber stamps to spy on people.
    • If he had it to do all over again, knowing what he knows now, Rosenstein would not have signed the warrant application to spy on Carter Page.

    On the last point it’s important to understand that the final FISA warrant In question (#4) was submitted in June of 2017 or six month in to the Trump presidency. Also, the focus on Carter Page is a diversion because of the “two-hop rule” in FISA surveillance the Feds are able to spy on all of Carter Page’s contacts (anyone he communicated with over the previous year) AND everyone that all of those contacts communicated with. We’re talking about a pool of 10,000 people at the very least. EVERYONE in the Trump campaign, transition team and administration was spied on by the FBI.

    Rosenstein claims he was unaware of the problems with Gen. Flynn’s harassment, Robert Mueller’s prosecutorial excesses and Andrew McCabe’s dishonesty citing the inspector general’s finding that senior FBI officials were given incomplete information. He didn’t even write the document expanding the scope of Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump - that was written by the prosecuting Special Counsel team!  

    Supporters of the president have taken fresh aim in recent months at the corrupt “Obamagate” investigation and at the law enforcement and intelligence officials who conducted it. The dirty cops who pulled off this attempted coup are cocky and dismissive of their accusers because they know how to run these operations within the letter of the law while trampling the spirit of the law. People like Rod Rosenstein are masters at shielding Deep State criminality behind a fog of willful ignorance and “honest” mistakes. The Senators who appoint him to high office do so precisely because they know he’ll play his role and take responsibility for failure without accepting any accountability for the crimes.

    If America is ever going to see justice and truth in the Russian Collusion Hoax it will come at the hands or AG William Barr and his assigned federal prosecutor John Henry Durham. The US Senate was a co-conspirator in “Obamagate” and used Jeff Sessions as planted into the Trump campaign to become an early supporter and trusted confidant. Petitioning to be named AG in the administration the theater of partisan objection and Russian contact was performed for the viewing public. With Sessions as AG and Rosenstein confirmed in late April It took about 2 weeks for Trump to fire James Comey and the conspirators pulled the trap door - Sessions recuses himself, Rosenstein takes over and stays absolutely oblivious as to what’s going on with “his” investigation. Don’t expect the Senate Judiciary Committee to press too hard for the truth and don’t expect any of their future witnesses to be any more forthcoming than Rod Rosenstein.



    CDM Staff

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    Rosenstein and the whole crew hated Trump and wanted to get rid of him, but didn't want to implicate themselves in culpability or treason, so resorted to a lot of legal distancing so they could destroy Trump's Presidency through using a lot of legal tools.
    Even though most people who have been following this story understand how it was an attempted coup, bringing charges and throwing someone in jail seems to be beyond the US government.


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