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    Americans Learn That Former GOP Leaders Hate Republicans

    June 8, 2020
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    There was once a time when Republicans knew how to WIN.
    William H. Taft-Sherman Tin "Grand Old Party Standard Bearers" Portrait Plate, 1908

    Republicans across the nation are learning that their former heroes and standard-bearers are renegade #NeverTrump haters who don’t believe in the parties platform. Over the weekend the New York Times reported that former President George W. Bush will not support President Trump’s reelection in November. The ex-president’s brother, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), who was destroyed by Trump in the 2016 GOP primary battle is not sure how he will vote. The betrayal of the sitting Republican President by the Bush family is sad confirmation of their congenital duplicity and follows the vicious attacks and treachery of Pentagon lifers earlier in the week. There appears to be a coordinated and well timed effort to undercut and disparage Donald J. Trump by political actors who’s loyalty is, first and foremost, to the Administrative State.

    The irony is that President Trump is very popular among Republicans who vote in elections and actually believe the policy proscriptions, ideological world view and talking points rhetoric of their political party. These party operatives located around the country who send out the flyers, man the phone banks, organize the GOP ground game and show up at 6AM to set up the info booth outside the polling station - the “grass roots” - love the Trump Presidency. The most recent Hill-HarrisX poll has Trump’s approval down 6 points from his January all time high before Chinavirus and the Antifa insurrection, but this historically liberal poll still has Tump holding an 80% approval rating with Republicans. The truth is that Trumps standing among Republican voters is very high, and has been very high throughout his administration.

    The coordinated Antifa attacks that swept over 40 US cities during the last weekend in May under the pretext of protesting the death of George Floyd were allowed to happen by city Mayors and Police Chiefs. The violence to citizens and damage of key commerce centers in some of Americas largest cities forced many Governors to activate the National Guard to maintain order where city politicians and cops would not. In Washington DC the Mayor was notably passive in enforcing order and the White House came under sustained and highly coordinated attack. While Antifa communists burned buildings around the Lafayette Park, including historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, the secret service fought back sustained assaults on the perimeter gates, turned off the building lights and rush the President to a basement safe room. The President announced his intention to invoke the Insurrection Act and use the US Millitary to do the job that Big Blue City police forces were refusing to do. He also made a decision to push Antifa terrorists away from the White House, build a perimeter fence and make a symbolic walk across the street to the burned church and show defiance to the mob.

    Sending a message to Antifa terroists

    Life long Democrats who support the Military/Industrial complex at the Pentagon and on K. Street jumped at the opportunity to tear down their President and warn the country about his inability to “unite the American people.” Well known DOD leaders like Gen. James Mattis, Gen. John Kelly, Adm. Mike Mullen, Gen. Mike Hayden and many others proved to be nothing short of back stabbing opportunists who attacked a US President in a moment of national crisis. The top brass at the Pentagon even had Sec. of Defense Mark Esper disgrace himself by holding a press conference and publicly rebuking his Commander in Chief. Sickening behavior by soldiers who dishonor their country and years of service by subverting the chain of command and the US tradition of civilian control over the armed forces. The only benefit of this unified act of betrayal by high ranking men in uniform is to show civilian Americans how resistant the military is to change and how much they resent being called on the carpet to answer for their mistakes. Two weeks ago these generals were still wearing a non-partisan mask to hide their actual agenda - now the masks are off.

    It’s understandable and somewhat refreshing when Democrats who have been forced to hide their party loyalty due to a hidebound tradition of forced neutrality finally break down and admit their political affiliation. Left-wing politicians and the #FakeNews corporate media love to lionize these “selfless” Generals, CIA Spooks, Joint Chiefs and Secretaries of Defense when they speak their (D)truth to (R)power. And they do the same thing for a certain strain of “Republican” who view their supporters and voters with utter contempt.

    Joining W. and JEB! (maybe) in renouncing President Trump while a global pandemic and national race riot/communist insurrection rages was 2012 Republican standard-bearer Mitt Romney. The junior Senator from Utah said he is considering writing in his wife’s name again or casting a different ballot in November. Retired Gen. Colin Powell, who decided to not be America’s first black president in 1996 on the GOP ticket, also rejected Trump because “he lies” and threw his support behind Joe Biden. Speculation is that Cindy McCain, channeling her late husband Sen. John McCain who was the Republican Presidential candidate in 2008, will also refuse to vote for Trump. Representatives for former Speakers Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and John Boehner (R-Ohio) declined to say how they would vote but the odds are they will back-stab Trump too. No one has yet reached out to former Speaker of the House and convicted child molester (boys), Dennis Hastert, to find out who he will be voting for this Fall but Biden is an understandable choice for him.

    The rejection of President Trump by establishment Republican leaders exposes their perfidy and shames the army of supporters who backed them in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. Hour upon hour of effort, a fortune in campaign donations, endless arguments and partisan battles for Republican voters who stupidly put their faith in these empty suits to enact “conservative” change in government, culture and society. Then a flamboyant businessman with natural leadership qualities and powers of persuasion captures the Presidency and begins to enact policy that they campaigned on for 30 years but never enacted. The Republican voters can scarcely believe they finally have a President who actually does what he campaigned on and they love it. The former leaders who “lied” to their gullible supporters for decades don’t like being exposed as frauds and are determined to vote against the “dangerous” person who’s exposing their malfeasance.



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    Keith Smith

    The Bush family are a bunch of sycophants that basically sold average Americans down the river. Flushing Jeb was a GODSEND!


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