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    The Most Dangerous Idea In America

    June 8, 2020
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    There is no single idea more dangerous in America today than this: the crimes committed in pursuit of a political ideology are excusable or less of a crime.

    It doesn’t matter if public opinion overwhelmingly supports a political idea, e.g., more accountability and transparency from police departments. Any criminal that claims their crimes are “political” is a liar. America, being a great and a unique country where no political idea is against the law, has made “political dissension” legally impossible.

    Any citizen has the freedom to say, write and propagate any political idea they would like to, and the government cannot, and should not, reward or punish these ideas. But NYC is seeing Mayor Bill de Blasio and the District Attorney attempt to grant leniency to these rioting criminals, which include his own daughter, based on the political motivation behind their crimes. 

    “Amid widespread looting and rampant violence across New York City, District Attorney Cyrus Vance said on Friday that his office will not be prosecuting any marchers arrested for breaking the city’s 8pm curfew who were out protesting the death of George Floyd.  

    A total of 1,730 people were arrested during protests in Manhattan since May 29.  

    The city previously arrested and prosecuted dozens of individuals for violating the city’s social distancing guidelines in the months of March and May, the majority of whom were black.”

    Rebel News

    The government has assumed a role in which it exonerates one man based on its agreement with his motivations, but likewise, it condemns another man on the same grounds. Bill de Blasio, Jacob Frey and countless thin-blue-line-voting officers are subverting American law and values; this is exactly how dictatorships are formed

    This is a slippery slope of the worst kind. We’ve seen it repeated throughout the darkest parts of history. Soon, it will lead to state authorization of violence against any actual political dissenters (opinions not approved by the state), but also the legal prosecution of simple actions like speaking or writing about ideas that dare to displease the government.

    It doesn’t matter where public opinion falls regarding Black Lives Matters or Antifa or Defunding the Police - the moment you allow your government to create a distinction between political and non-political criminality, you pave the way to total tyranny.

    The Nazi Party came into power in Germany in January of 1933.  By the following summer, it was illegal to belong to any other political party. 

    These weak local leaders have a responsibility to the citizens they oversee and that means every criminal, regardless of the reason they claim for their crimes, needs to be punished the same as any other. If not, justice and political freedom have ceased to exist in those jurisdictions. 

    These gross acts that infringe on the lives and liberty of fellow countrymen are glossed over with a generic “Anti-Fascism” stance which is neither an original nor controversial idea. Being against fascism is generally accepted by Americans as an obvious idea (hello, 2-time World War champions!), so when some thug prints "Antifa" on his black shirt so he can look “woke” during his assault on civilians or police, absolutely no leniency should be granted in the prosecution of those crimes. 


    I ask, which idea from Black Lives Matter is so outrageous or unaccepted by the state to warrant these protests in the first place? There is no real opposition to saying “Black Lives Matter”... Well, besides social media posts which highlight the obvious failure of the movement to be pro-black, as they instead position themselves to be anti-white (an important distinction evident by ignoring black-on-black crimes). But still, no government official is saying that black lives don't matter.

    And when no government official is actually interfering with the rights of any citizen to say “Black Lives Matter” or wear a shirt that says “I Can’t Breathe”, then BLM is not rebellious or part of some counter-culture that needs representation. Take note of the nauseating corporate co-opting of the movement to sell Netflix subscriptions, the newest iPhones, Lego sets...

    Apple shut radio stations on its Music app on Tuesday, giving listeners a single stream that played “Fuck tha police”, NWA’s 1988 rap record that threatens a “bloodbath of cops”. At the same time, Lego told online affiliates to remove links to 31 mainly police-themed sets of bricks, as part of its own stand “against racism and inequality”.

    Financial Times

    The officers involved in George Floyd’s botched arrest were arrested yet there is still no conceivable end to the protests except sheer weariness of will. Yes, a crime was probably committed and while nobody knows whether racism really played a role in George Floyd’s death, no amount of yelling to the sky will change the outcome of the process that will take place now within the judicial system.  

    Yet, Antifa continues to commit crimes under the guise of political righteousness. What began as marching and sloganeering has quickly progressed to arson, bombings, and even murder

    While Antifa should be treated as the criminals they are, instead they enjoy a cloud of immunity from the establishment they've declared their enemy. The DNC and ActBlue are bailing out possible terrorists while the rest are being supported by the nation’s largest corporations and top-earning celebrities. But no matter what great idea these poorly-raised youths think they have, those ideas end where violence begins. 

    Morally, Antifa members are much worse than your average criminal. At least the average petty thief doesn’t delude themselve into believing what they are doing is for rights, justice and freedom. The definition of a crime, a violation of another person’s rights, does not change according to who the criminal votes for or what they believe.

    Granting even some sort of validation to these thugs, as if they’re some righteous but oppressed political idealists (in a nation that has the freedom all political thought) is the main reason that their numbers and damages continue to swell, here and abroad. 

    These protests have become mainstream, so have the anarchists. The anti-establishment have become the establishment. And when the establishment silences dissenters, if they continue justifying the use of violence, that is not the righting of an injustice but the beginning of a despotism. 

    Sure, they will allege that “racial injustice is systemic”, and point to poverty rates among minority Americans as vindication for their own violence, but in light of the recent arrests, it would seem as if those that are committing the most vile acts are primarily those that are financially stable (like the Molotov cocktail-chucking attorneys). The Black Lives Matter demonstrators are also, ironically, majority white. They travel from their suburban paradises to wreak havoc on poorer, inner city neighborhoods. 

    We have witnessed horrendous scenes of violence against law enforcement and the subversion of Democrat mayors and governors who have hesitated or declined to call in their own National Guards to curb the violence and destruction. Some have gone so far as to attend these shows of civil unrest personally, doing what no government within America is supposed to do: arbitrate ideas and favor one political ideology over another. 



    Taylor Day

    Taylor Day lives in New England where she enjoys being an outspoken anti-SJW, firearm enthusiast and writer. Her previous publications include The New York Times, U.S. Catholic and American Thinker with appearances on MSNBC and LocknLoad Radio.
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