How To Cut Through Racial Hypocrisy: A Brief, Must-See Master Class

June 11, 2020
Who is this wise man? Image: YouTube

Lately, the "conversation on race" is barking outrage and sloppily applied labels from the left, frantic signaling and blanket generalizations. It can be hard to get a word in edgewise. Frothing, self-flagellating virtue seekers apologizing for something they didn't do (but helped to exacerbate), chaining themselves together, and washing black feet in shameless public displays--they simply soak up all the bandwidth.

The only thing that changes in these orgies of wokeness are the endorphin levels of the protesters.

The fact remains that the facts remain. One must simply marshal them all. For a demonstration, see the video below. There's nothing new here per se, but Harbir Singh's arguments are arranged and presented clearly and forcefully (language warning in case children are around).

Take notes.

Mr. Singh claims on social media that he has been banned from Twitter, but you can follow him on Instagram: @harbirnain.



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