• Trump Signs Executive Order On Policing

    June 16, 2020
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    Trump Signs Executive Order On Policing
    Cops or Robocops?
    photo by GorillaWarfare

    Today President Donald Trump, acknowledging failed Leftist policies and dishonest rhetoric have aggravated a racial divide in the United States, signed an executive order to reform police practices while maintaining “law and order.”

    The EO is set against a backdrop of widespread protests/riots which were organized and executed by Antifa and criminal elements in the Black Lives Matter organization. The catalyst for the terrible mob violence was the apparent murder of Afro-American George Floyd at the knee of Minneapolis dirty cop Derek Chauvin. The staged act of racial injustice and the subsequent rioting, looting and violence organized by subversive organizations working in a concerted operation with big city Mayors and their “Progressive” Police Chiefs are designed to hurt Trump’s Nov. 3 reelection chances.

    President Trump expressed sympathy to the families who fall victim to police violence and promised to fight for justice in the name of George Floyd and others. He pointed out that a key element of administering that justice is a speedy return to “law and order” including the punishment of thieves and opportunists who vandalize in the name of the dead.

    “Americans want law and order, they demand law and order,” Trump said at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. To that end the EO encourages police departments to adhere to highest standards for use of force and adding social workers to response calls to non-violent cases focused on drug addiction and homelessness. The President also seeks to establish better information sharing between local police departments to expose the poor records of police who attempt to get hired in a new city or town.

    The order bans chokeholds unless the officer’s life is threatened by a violent and derange perpetrator. More money from the federal government will go to police departments that get certified by outside independent organizations approved by the DOJ. This will provide the federal authorities an unbiased accounting of systemic disjunction inside the opaque world of urban police departments. There will be a significant push to use weapons like stun guns and more modern tools to disable and constrain a criminal.

    Trump strongly opposes the popular chant to “defund the police” and he pointed out that his executive order is the only action taken by the federal government to solve what is essentially a local problem mismanaged by liberal Democrats who have run the cities for the past 50 years. The House and Senate are currently working on separate Bills which will probably never reconcile and make it to the President’s desk so this EO might be the best America’s rioting protesters get.

    Trump made the point that previous administrations and Congressional classes had failed miserably.to act on the problem and the big city leadership, including Mayors, City Council, Police Chiefs and Judiciary, had made the problem worse. Democrat leaders, civil rights groups and the #FakeNews claim the executive order is “inadequate” but it is more than anything they’ve done over the past 30 years.


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