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Senator Introduces Bill To Block Federal Funding To Lawless Cities

Senator Introduces Bill To Block Federal Funding To Lawless Cities
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Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Iowa, has introduced a bill that will block federal funding from going to states and localities that allow the purposeful obstruction of law in their cities.  The Ending Taxpayer Funding of Anarchy Act is in response to cities like Seattle, whose mayor allowed the autonomous zone CHAZ to be in effect. 

In a statement from Senator Ernst, she says, “Anarchy cannot continue on our streets. If city officials or state leaders fail to do their job and protect their citizens, the federal government – American taxpayers – aren’t going to pay for it.” 

The bill focuses on jurisdictions which fail to uphold their constitutional duty to provide police, fire, or emergency medical services to its citizens due to non-governmental factors.  If the bill passes, it will block federal funding in order to make certain state and local governments are upholding the rule of law. 

“Local officials are letting chaos continue in their streets, and in some cases, preventing law enforcement from protecting the public. That’s not the America I know or fought for. This bill is straight forward and holds local leaders accountable to the people,” Ernst said. 

A similar bill has been introduced on the House side in its response to an increase of chaos and civil unrest following the death of George Floyd.  Lawmakers are working to bring peace and stability back to the nation, and Ernst’s bill would send a clear message from Washington that anarchy is not permitted anywhere in the United States. 

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