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Vote For DC Statehood

Vote For DC Statehood
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While the Founding Father’s purposely made the US Capital a neutral territory for a specific reason, the House plans to vote today to pass legislation that will make Washington, DC a state.  

DC Mayor Bowser held a press conference ahead of the vote, where she stated, “I was born here without a vote, but I swear I will not die here without a vote.”  Those who are in favor of making D.C. a state argue that the district has no representation in Congress, and that Americans living there are not allowed to pass bills are have input on key legislation.  They also note that DC residents pay the most federal taxes per capita.

Bowser has been in the news lately due to her decision to paint “Black Lives Matter” in front of the White House, and says those who oppose DC becoming a state is because the people living there are “too liberal, too Black, or too many Democrats.”  

Senator Mitch McConnell has made his stance clear that he will not bring the bill to the Senate floor.  The Office of Management and Budget argued DC becoming a state is unconstitutional, and violates the 23rd Amendment of the Constitution – an amendment that gives three Electoral College votes in the presidential election.  

President Trump already voiced his opposition to the vote, and would most likely veto the legislation even if it did pass in the Senate.

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