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    Trump Expected To Move Against DACA

    July 6, 2020
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    Trump Expected To Move Against DACA
    Image by Gage Skidmore

    President Trump has been clear since he first started to campaign for the presidency about his stance on illegal immigration.  As his first term is coming to a close, the president has been taking swift steps to fulfill his campaign promises ahead of November.  While he is moving forward with the construction of his border wall, there are reports he plans to refile on DACA this week.

    After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of DACA in June, President Trump took to Twitter, criticizing the decision and noting that the court is political instead of unbiased.  He told his followers that he would draft a new list of Justices he plans to appoint if elected, and reinforced the idea that more conservative judges need to be on the bench.  This morning, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows hinted on Fox News that President Trump is ready to take executive action on immigration policies, but was vague with what exactly those actions would entail.

    In the Court’s decision last month, they ruled that the administration did not give significant justification for terminating the program.  They did, however, note that the president has the authority to stop the program.  After this verdict, President Trump told Fox News, “we have to refile,” causing many to speculate when President Trump would take the step to end DACA, one of his core immigration goals, and use his power to deliver on this promise to his base. 

    If the president does refile, most likely, it will be challenged in court and work its way back up to the Supreme Court. 

    Why this matters: Refiling against DACA will help be a campaign strategy to create a war cry for Trump’s base.  It will also reinforce the idea that for conservative judges, you need a conservative president.  Immigration was one of Trump’s main selling points in 2016, particularly, his hard line approach.  While other candidates skirted around the issue, President Trump came out with his stance strongly, clearly, and quickly.  This separated him from other candidates, and won him a lot of air time on the networks.  President Trump must follow through on his campaign promises to keep his base, and through refiling, he has a great talking point at his rallies.



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