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    GOYA CEO Doubles Down On Support For Trump, Criticizes Protestors

    July 12, 2020
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    Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue attended an event at the White House for President Trump’s new ‘Hispanic Prosperity Initiative,’  The initiative focuses on helping the Hispanic communities throughout the nation, and is a positive step forward in increasing educational and career opportunities.  But instead of focusing on what the initiative entails, Trump’s critics immediately jumped on Unanue, because he said "We are truly blessed, at the same time, to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder.”

    Ironically, the response has been the opposite from the left, as they seek to destroy a third-generational company which employs 4,000 nationwide.  Calls for boycotting the brand immediately erupted on social media, as people, politicians, and celebrities called on their followers to stop buying the brand, and some even took videos of themselves throwing out Goya cans from their pantries.  This movement has highlighted the “cancel culture” often adopted by the left, and how any person who supports Trump is subject to attack from his opponents. 

    But despite the harm caused to Goya, Unanue doubled down in his support for the president and actually had some harsh words for the protestors instead.  He told Fox News, “So many people are against the boycott and for our company, so it's just a reflection, I believe, of the division that exists in this country.  I don't know who to attribute this quote to but we live by the philosophy that there are those who are born to love and to build and others to hate and destroy.” Unanue continued that this “great divide is killing our nation.” 

    Conservatives have been quick to jump to his defense, calling out the ridiculousness of going so far to start a movement against the brand based off of his comment.  Meghan McCain, a fierce Trump critic, weighed in on Twitter, writing, “It seems callous to boycott a company who supplies food to the masses and employs 4,000 people during a pandemic.  No matter what your politics, who wants more people out of work? Almost every CEO, boss, & person I interact with and consume products from disagrees with me."

    Why this matters: Last week it was masks, this week its beans.  Americans are dividing themselves into two camps, and while the bean controversy is beyond stupid to some people, to others, it is a chance to fight and is a symbol for what they believe in.  But voters, will be the ones who decide in 2020, and it will be an example of what the nation truly feels about how the left and right react in their own ways. 



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