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    Trump Promises More Deregulation

    July 18, 2020
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    President Trump took the time to hold an event highlighting his administration’s achievements and continued efforts to decrease regulation that destroy jobs throughout America.  

    At the beginning of President Trump’s administration, he pledged that for every regulation enacted by the federal government, two would be removed.  Trump said that through their deregulation initiative, the average American household keeps an extra $3,100 per year.  Under the Obama administration, 16,000 pages of regulations were added to the Federal Register.  Trump said, “Before I came into office, American workers were smothered by a merciless avalanche of wasteful and expensive and intrusive federal regulation. These oppressive, burdensome mandates were a stealth tax on our people — slashing take-home pay, suppressing innovation, surging the cost of goods, and shipping millions of American jobs overseas — millions and millions and millions. It never ended.”

    President Trump noted that his agenda is to allow more Americans to keep more of their money.  Through a new reform from his Council of Economic Advisers, the price of the average vehicle will reduce by $2,200, with the goal to bring that number to $3,500.   He is expanding the regulation to all parts of the economy, which include household items, energy, construction, and infrastructure. 

    Trump also spoke about how his deregulation attitude helped America through the Coronavirus, as they removed red tape to produce more ventilators and provide them to hospitals throughout the country.  The administration took more than 740 actions to suspend regulations that would have slowed the government’s response to the Coronavirus.  Trump spoke about how this action saved countless lives, and is a key component to handling the pandemic.  

    Why this matters: President Trump said that the American people, not the government, know how to run their lives.  It is important highlight of his first term, and from the White House, is a powerful campaign reminder to voters across the country.  Especially in a time where the government has become such a force in shutting down the country, President Trump is reminding Americans that if he is elected for a second term, he will continue to cut regulations in order to let the people choose for themselves.  Economic policies are the main driver for many voters, and Trump is clear that unlike Biden, he wants to continue to deregulate to help economic growth.



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