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Trump Doubles Down On Law And Order

Image by Gage Skidmore

President Trump, the self-proclaimed law and order president, is taking a stand against the continuous violence happening in Portland, Oregon, where peaceful protests often turn into riots.  For the first time in America’s history, Trump sent in federal officers to bring stability to Portland, which has hand 53 nights in a row of unrest.  President Trump said that these are not protestors, these are anarchists, and that the local and state officials are afraid of them. 

Trump defended his decision to send in federal officers, saying, “Portland was totally out of control.  The Democrats- all liberal Democrats running the place- have no idea what they were doing.”  He continued that he will continue to send federal law enforcement to other cities he deemed as in a state of chaos, such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Oakland, and Baltimore, which are all run by liberal Democrats.  If the governors do not do something to bring peace to the cities, President Trump said he will.  President Trump also noted that there are more than 30,000 NYPD officers who are restricted from “doing anything.” 

Crime and violence have increased dramatically in cities as protests continued following the death of George Floyd.  Senator Lindsey Graham came out in support of President Trump’s decision to send in federal law enforcement officers, writing on Twitter, “President Trump is right to demand that law and order be restored in American cities.  These protests ad riots are getting out of hand, jeopardizing public safety and economic recovery.”

While Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler says that President Trump’s decision is making the city worse, the Commander-in-Chief believes it is up to him to bring peace to America.  As there have been calls to defund the police in all of these cities, the results were instant, and these cities remain on edge as a result.  

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