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    "Sick! What's With This Guy!?" Biden's Interview Cut Short By Handlers

    July 22, 2020
    Joe Biden. Image: YouTube

    Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has suffered yet another embarrassing television performance. Biden spoke via videoconference with Steve Irvin, an anchor at network affiliate ABC15 in Phoenix, AZ yesterday.

    Already, links to the full interview are returning "404: page not found" notices. ABC15's YouTube page does not feature the interview on its home page, which is odd, given the exclusive nature of a local station interviewing a presidential candidate 15 weeks prior to the election. At the time of writing, the "raw interview" is still available on ABC15's page if you search for it.

    Here it is, just under ten minutes long:

    The interview starts simply enough with a question about reopening schools. Biden claims to support reopening, then explains a number of caveats that sound an awful lot like chaos. This, despite not a single instance of a case showing transmission of COVID-19 from student to teacher.

    Defunding police came up next. Biden claims to be against defunding police, and says that President Trump's budget cuts funding to police by "almost half a billion dollars, I think it's four hun--$47 million dollars". (sic)

    Biden claims his plan increases funding for police by $300 million, but those funds are for "community policing".

    "And look, yeah, you know, we, we, we, we, we have to, this ha--this has to call to action to finally confront and end the racial injustices are prevalent in this country and far, and far, and far too long."

    Sounds like getting arrested for drug use is a pretty good path to a new and better life in Biden's America. Pell grants and housing? What a country!

    "I'm gonna invest in shifting our criminal focus from incarceration to prevention, ending cash bail, ensuring that one who is incarcerated for drug use alone shouldn't go in to be incarcerated, they should be going into mandatory rehabilitation. Drug courts. And we should--and much more--they should be eligible when they, when they get out for for reentry into society, from everything from Pell grants to housing. I'm gonna fight to end--you know, look. There's an awful lot. There's an awful lot's going on. We have to expand Obamacare, for example."

    To pay for his plans, Biden says capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as income. Trump's tax cuts? Gone. Corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. Sanctions for tax avoidance (read: IRS crackdown).

    As for coronavirus in Arizona, Biden took a fumbling, bumbling swipe at the current governor, Republican Doug Ducey.

    "And so I imagine, I don't know, I'm not saying I know what the governor's thinking, but he's not thinking very clearly if he continues to think he can have wide open, wide open, the, the, the state. And what do you have, you have, uh, 145,277 positive cases and two hundred, uh, two-two thousand seven hundred ninety-five deaths in Arizona."

    "Two-two thousand"? Biden's innumeracy is truly an opening for Trump if Biden's handlers ever allow him to debate the president. We saw evidence in the interview of how short the candidate's leash is. The conclusion of the interview was abrupt and awkward as Biden lost his cool and was cut off while ranting about Trump.

    "And wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is now a political statement? This is more patriotic. Why do you wear the mask? So you don't make somebody else sick." Then Irvin tries to get a question in. "I want to ask--" But Biden interrups, ejaculating, "Sick! What's with this guy?!" The screen displaying Biden suddenly cuts to black with only the name of Biden's production director, "ARI KRUPKIN", visible. A woman's disembodied voice cuts in: "Steve, that's our time." A confused Irvin says, "OK. Alright, I appreciate your time, thanks so much to Mr. Vice President as well."


    Clearly, Biden is watched like a hawk by his campaign team. In recent days, he has delivered prepared statements, only to refuse any questions. The tactic is not surprising. Under pressure, Biden becomes defensive and even physical, a trend that began many months ago.

    Back to the basement, or sally forth? It's an ongoing, growing conundrum for Team Biden.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Robert Weston

    Old people with dementia get mad easily. Biden was going down that road when they cut him off.


    They will do everything they can to not show Biden's senility in public. I am sure they are trying to work some scam to get him out of any debates. If he ever meeting Trump face to face he will look like the bafoon he is.


    Biden will leave soon, the DNC will send in Hillary's henchman to off him. John Kerry will step in as Presidential candidate with his Veep, Sheila Jackson-Lee.


    Weekend At Biden's

    Show me

    Chances are they will do interviews and keep doing it over until he gets it rights, then will release that one to the public.
    It is a problem, but if they have New York Times reporters, they will be willing to do anything to prop up Biden's candidacy.
    He had plenty of those "lying dog faced pony soldier" moments.
    They may be able to pull it off, since they have unlimited money and technical advise, and it might even be possible to run a computer simulation of Joe Biden.


    OMG!! What gibberish! He had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Embarrassing.


    What does it say about the democratic party when they allow this guy to even appear as a true candidate...I call this senior cruelty and his wife should be ashamed.
    Clearly the goal is for someone else, the VP pick, will become President, but the community organizer in-chief will really be in charge.
    For democrats winning by any means is the goal. The people and the country be damned.


    So this fellow does an interview - Interview = I ask question you answer question. He's looking down at the answers he was given prior - Good grief hire Mickey Mouse or Dumbo.


    He has to debate Trump and get turned into a blubbering bag of goo! He's almost there now!


    Idiot won’t have those notes when going up against Trump... can’t wait to see him answer a question with no notes to refer to.

    Ari and I had an interesting time prepping Joseph for this special event. He is talented. He is our President. You queefs dont know it yet but it is not the Chinese who care most about the destruction of US and A.


    He's irrelevant, only a placeholder. His globalist/communist puppet masters will run things while Groper Joe does "meet & greet" sessions at old folks' homes and Walmart parking lots.

    jack johnson

    Not sure who the schlep was doing the interview but the entire interview was like amateur hour. No chance Biden ever debates Trump....Trump would destroy him.

    Archangel Michael

    What would happen if, during an actual debate with Trump, Biden became so agitated that he went after him. They both have Secret Service details, I guess it would be quite the melee!


    I believe Biden is playing the incompetent fool to avoid being tried for treason, what I wonder is who will replace him, Hillary, or Oprah.



    The Dems will make sure any debates ensure that the safety of the candidates are maximized.

    ie Biden will be in his basement, surrounded with teleprompters loaded with the best test audience approved answers to the debate questions.

    He may be juiced up with some sort of chemical concoction to at least for the short term keep him lucid and on track for a couple of hours.

    Just like 2016, you know the questions will be available weeks in advance.

    And should ole Joe start to glitching he will have "computer problems" that unfortunately will end the debate.

    You know who the MSM will say won the debate.


    "But Biden interrups, ejaculating" (sic) ... I don't think so. Perhaps "But Biden interjected" or "But Biden interrupts, exclaiming." If Biden was actually "ejaculating" he's either sicker than I thought, or someone is under that desk.


    Poor senile old women-groping, hair-sniffing, little girl fondling, Joe can't put two coherent sentences together without help, half the time he doesn't even know what state he is other than the state of confusion. He should be sitting in a rest home watching TV re-runs of Gilligan's island wishing he could sniff Ginger's hair and waiting for his next meal.

    Watch Groping Joe fondling young girl. And the DemocRATs want to put this pedophile in the WH. Pass this on, everyone needs to see what a creep Groping Joe is.

    candle in a hurricane

    Now you know why we have a 2 nd season of covid-19 pandemic panic. Everyone must be afraid and shelter in place at all cost. Between media fear mongering and political tyranny bans and mandates, they must carry Joe to the finish line with the Mail in Ballot. It's all about the Mail in Ballot. So for any one who lost a loved one to this scourge thrust upon us never forget that the Democrats are responsible....they own it and it will be proven.


    My fear is that Obama will suddenly be thrust in as Biden's VP. The 22nd Amendment loophole could mean that from the stepping stone of the Vice Presidency, he could legally serve out Biden's first term when Joe either dies or is incapacitated..which will be almost immediately. Or he could rule from the VP's office as Cheney did with mentally -compromised Bush. We should be asking why Biden hasn't named a running mate yet. The Obama Surprise would have to be sprung at the last moment in order for them to get the benefit of his popularity without the outcry over the questionable legality. And if I'm wrong and it isn't the plan to force Obama down our throats, the VP choice is still absolutely crucial because that person will be the president.


    The man is a walking time bomb and he is the best the dems got? How utterly sad. If this idiot is elected, this will be the end of this country as we know it. His handlers will be running the country. If you don't like this covid shit storm BS then you ain't seen nothing yet. The bureaucrats, BLM and Antifa will run wild. Shame on us if this happens. If Biden is elected, then the idiot sheep in this country deserve what they get. For me, I will lock and load to protect my family.


    Biden has never had a real job in his life. He has spent 47 years in politics and keeps blathering on like all DEMOCRATS what he is "Going" to do. After 47 years, you would think he would have done it already. We all know Democray voters aren't all that bright, despite their vaunted "Educations". but even a moron can see this guy and the rest of the DEMOCRATS are all hot air. I guess to the average DEMOCRAT voter saying something is the same as doing something and that's all that matters!

    edward p o'neill

    Old Joe had dementia when he was in his 40s!!


    This is just insanity. The guy cannot get through a 10 minute press conference from a friendly interview.

    WTF Are you Democrats doing?


    President Trump took a cognitive test and aced it. Will sleepy creepy Joe take a cognitive test? Of course not, the senile old women-groping, hair-sniffing, little girl fondling moron probably could not get past the first question. Anyone who would vote for creepy Joe must have an IQ equal to their shoe size.


    They just need some more time, for Biden (the placeholder) to look like he has a fictional brain. I would love to see a toxicology report on his blood. I will guess it will last about another 4 weeks and he will be replaced due to failing health, then we will see who is the real DNC (Democrat Network of Crime) candidate is.


    Why do they keep calling him "vice" president? He's not the vice president. If anything, he's an "ex" vice president. Sheesh!

    luis oddone

    The interviewer, very nice guy no-questions-asked type of journalist, great the show must go on.


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