Portland Protesters Produce Demands

July 23, 2020
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Protesters in Portland, Oregon have released a list of demands they claim must be met in order to voluntarily end their protests. They projected the list onto a wall late last night, much like a PowerPoint slide.

Not surprisingly, the list includes demands for cuts in local police funding and a removal of federal police. In a move that might surprise casual followers of the story, Ted Wheeler, the small city's liberal mayor, is told to resign.

Here it is again, paraphrased for the sake of clarity.

  1. Defund Portland Police by at least 50%, reinvest in black community
  2. Free all protesters from jail.
  3. Get federal police out of Portland
  4. Mayor Ted Wheeler's resignation

It is unclear if the demands are from Black Lives Matter, or Antifa, or some other political apparatus, though the communist revolution fist logo would imply BLM backing.

Last night, Mayor Wheeler found himself caught between the two wings of his party. Wheeler came to the protests in an attempt to show solidarity and offer leadership, only to be shouted down and harassed, ultimately relying on his security team to move him to safety. He watched passively as rioters set fire to the federal courthouse.

Of course, Wheeler cannot satisfy the demands to defund police, especially in the midst of a two-month riot. Nor can he remove the federal police, who were sent to stop a terrorist-designated organization (the Antifa bloc in Portland), to establish order, and prevent further federal crimes such as burning a US Courthouse.

Such is the reality for those on the left today: accede to Marxism in part or entirely. In neither case is political survival guaranteed.



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    10 comments on “Portland Protesters Produce Demands”

    1. Here it is again, paraphrased for the sake of clarity.
      Defund Portland Police by at least 50%, reinvest in black community

      The democrats have been "reinvesting in the black community" for 50+ damn years. It is called welfare and it is an utter failure.
      Money going into the black community is flushing the checks down the toilet. You shackle the black community by giving them scraps and shackle the wager earner by higher taxes. Time to give it up.

    2. Americans are fed up with these Communist Trash!! And now the Pro Ball Teams bend a knee in insult to my/ our America and us.
      The Democrat Communist Trash and Globalists, the Politicians re licking their boots. We won't bend nor back up. They call for oru and our Republic's death. Well bring it on trash. The light shines in the old North Church Bell Tower.

    3. Wheeler will never resign. I mean...Democrats have no problem capitulating to terrorists and criminals...but they have a huge problem ceding power.

    4. “No man survives when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails,
      And those who cry ‘appease, appease’ Are hanged by those they tried to
      please.” Hiram Mann


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