LIVESTREAM: House Judiciary Committee With William Barr

July 28, 2020

TW: @HouseJudiciary | FB: HouseJudDems | IG: HouseJudDems | M: /HouseJudiciary Full Committee Hearing on Oversight of the Department of Justice | EventID=110938



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    8 comments on “LIVESTREAM: House Judiciary Committee With William Barr”

    1. The democrats came off as extremely rude, you know, the way they always are. Can’t believe Nadless was an hour late because he just had to stop for chicken but he did not want to excuse Barr for five minutes to go pee. What a Nad! I guess his stomach staples must have come loose and e can’t start the day without a bucket of chicken.

    2. Come to a conclusion you should not be allowed by law to run for congress unless you were born in this country. So sickening don't even recognize my country with this garbage people in congress some of them not all.

    3. I didn't think anybody in DC could make me feel like I needed a shower more than Pelosi. Nadler just lowered the bar. What a scumbag!


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