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    Under Mayor de Blasio, NYC Is Spiraling Out Of Control

    August 18, 2020
    Image by PanchoS

    Mayor de Blasio is in office until November 2021.  One more year for the mayor may mean the end of New York City as many know it, as the city continues its downward spiral out of control. From the citywide shutdown, which caused the permanent closure of hundreds of restaurants, to residents fleeing their neighborhoods due to increased violence and crime, there is still no end in sight for the turmoil.  And now, as homelessness is on the rise and the streets remain empty, New Yorkers are wondering if they will ever have their city back. 

    But for de Blasio, he is focused on other things, such as the Post Office and Black Lives Matter.  The police, who watched their mayor slash their budget by $1 billion, have been ordered to stand down from arrests, as their hands are tied and resources are limited to try and bring peace to the streets.  Even President Trump, a former New York City resident, has promised New Yorkers he will do something about the increased violence if elected in November.  But the reality, for now, is grim.  

    Last week, 13,000 apartments reported as vacant, as residents break their leases to move to safer places.  This is the highest vacancy rate in fourteen years.  Homes for sale are up by 6.1% compared to lat year, and rental properties are up by 63%. President Trump, who called de Blasio a “communist fool,” said the mayor “doesn’t know what he’s doing.”  Also in the past week, there have been more than 60 shootings in New York City, resulting in 76 people injured and 14 dead.  Furthermore, Mayor de Blasio authorized homeless people to move into upscale hotels around the city.  The $175 per night price tag for homeless moved to these hotels, sometimes cost taxpayers $2 million a night. After increased complaints from nearby residents, he said the homeless would have to move back to shelters, but the damage may be irreversible and there is no timeline for this to happen. de Blasio said it will only happen if there is assurance there is enough room in all the shelters. In recent years, New York City has reached homeless numbers the city has not seen since the Great Depression.

    President Trump compared present day New York City to when he left four years ago, saying, “Look at the shootings.  When I left new York four years ago, New York was, I could see the seeds of this because he’s been a bad mayor but New York was good.  It was okay.  It all happened recently.  It all came together.  All of this is over a period of years he’s been mayor, but about a year, and then six months ago, it’s incredible what happened.”

    The Sergeant Benevolent Association, which is the largest police union in the city, formally endorsed President Trump for president, and has been openly opposed to Mayor de Blasio.  The group has called out the mayor for quoting Karl Marx, and caring more about his own agenda than New Yorker's safety.



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    […] Under Mayor de Blasio, NYC Is Spiraling Out Of Control […]


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