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    Pelosi Wants More Money From Congress

    August 27, 2020
    Image by Gage Skidmore

    While Mnuchin, McConnell, and Meadows did everything they could to find some common ground in passing a second coronavirus relief bill, the Democrats, who wanted to increase the package by $1.2 trillion, would not budge. The failure to pass a bill resulted in President Trump signing executive orders. While the Democrats initially wanted to fight the legality of these orders, they realized it wouldn’t sound so good to the American people if they failed to come to a deal, and then worked to make sure they got no relief. 

    But now, as rumors circulate that the White House is ready to go to the negotiation table again, Pelosi wants one thing to be very clear. “We’re not budging. They have to move. They have to move.”

    Well, we saw how that worked last time. But Pelosi continued, “Why should there be a bill that has far less of what the public needs? We have the responsibility, and they’re just going to have to come up with more money.”

    Pelosi said that if Republicans won’t increase the amount of government spending, the conversation with Meadows won’t last long. Democrats have painted themselves as the great compromisers, because the House passed a bill for $3.3 billion. Therefore, passing one for $2.2 billion is meeting in the middle. 

    Reports came to the surface that since Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief of Staff joined the conversation, Pelosi and Schumer’s power waned significantly. A former member of the Tea Party Caucus, Meadows understands how Congress works. He is also a fiscal conservative, and understands that spending more by the government does not always mean the American people get more. Pelosi pretended to forget Meadow’s name while speaking about their upcoming call. Or many, just like Biden, she is losing her memory. 



    CDM Staff

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    arrest her. try her. execute her. all leftist traitors will return in less than five years no matter who wins the election. They have to be removed the same way you remove Enemies of the State, know traitor, enemy combatants and those whose betrayals have weakened us before our enemies. DO IT. DON'T TALK ABOUT IT. pelosi: give us the money and then we will tell you how we intend to spend it. You have to pass it to see what's in it.....SHE NEEDS TO BE EXECUTED. SHE IS A TRAITOR.


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