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    2020 Campaign Battles Over COVID

    August 29, 2020
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    As schools begin to reopen and a sense of normalcy returns to many cities across the United States, there is still one major campaign issue for both candidates, and that is what they will do as president to handle to virus. While lawmakers and leaders are preparing for a “second wave” this winter, both candidates are positioning themselves to voters in completely different ways, and hoping to be chosen because of their stance. 

    Since the beginning fo the shutdown, Joe Biden made a point to stay in his basement to self-quarantine. Trump, on the other hand, continued to travel, and wasn’t seen wearing a mask until the summer. Biden, however, will take Zoom calls with masks, and one of his main campaign platforms is that there should be a mask mandate on a federal level. 

    Another point of difference is school openings. President Trump has hammered this point, and officially has made teachers essential workers. He has called for all schools to reopen, or risk losing federal funding. Biden, on the other hand, says schools should be reopened in a more methodical way, and that this fall may put schools, students, and their families at risk. Trump, who is urging state and local leaders to follow his lead, still wants them to make the choice. But Biden, who is continuously pointing to the national death number, has said he will do everything in his executive power to combat the virus. 

    And the most important part about COVID for both the candidates, and the main issue voters vote about at the end of the day, is economic recovery. The Democrats want to pass legislation with two extra billion than the Republicans, and most of the money will go to helping state and local governments recover with a focus on unemployment. The Republicans, in contrast, think the best way to get the economy moving again is to allow people to go back to work. Trump has said that if Biden becomes president, increases taxes, and spends more money,  the economy will go into a recession. 

    As the days narrow down until election day, and as we enter into the colder months, the difference between the two candidates and how they handle COVID may be the crucial tipping point as to who wins the White House. 



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