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    DC Mayor Proposes Removal of Washington Monument, Others

    September 1, 2020
    Muriel Bowser. Image: YouTube

    Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser today proposed to "remove, relocate, or contextualize" some of the nation's most iconic and enduring monuments. Included on the list are the Washington Monument, the completion of which was famously interrupted by the Civil War, and the Jefferson Memorial, one of the most popular destinations on the National Mall.

    The mayor enjoys her time in the spotlight.

    Bowser, 48, was recently pilloried for failing to assign enough of a police presence for the closing night of the Republican National Convention, leading to the harassment of congresspeople and other dignitaries, and a physical altercation targeting Senator Rand Paul.

    In June, Bowser made headlines by approving a giant "Black Lives Matter" mural on 16th Street in the Capitol, and renaming the street "Black Lives Matter Plaza."

    Her proposal can be viewed variously. If one takes Bowser at her word, she is lobbying for an erasure of American history heretofore unseen. This is either the equivalent of a hissy fit, an angry scream at the sky as she sees more Americans waking up to the false front that is BLM and their deep ties to Democratic leadership. Or, the "removal" part is a bluff, and what she really wants is a compromise.

    "Relocation" is all but impossible, and then what would be the use of the National Mall? No, Bowser's intent is to get the least of her aims: "contextualize" the monuments and memorials. An interactive "anti-racism" kiosk, say, and plaques erected to deride the former presidents Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson, proud patriots Benjamin Franklin, George Mason, Francis Newlands, and Albert Pike, and famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

    Image: YouTube

    Along with her BLM mural, Bowser wants to vandalize our Capitol with defamatory messages and amendments because she rejects the norms of the lives and times of its founders. She projects her radical hatred back over the decades and centuries, seemingly ignorant of the long arc of American improvement, of growth, of relentless optimism that defines the United States.

    She will not succeed in removing any monuments, but if Bowser is not met with righteous opposition, she may well succeed in removing some of the Capitol's dignity with what amounts to the actions of a rioter with a spray can.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    There will be such a backlash from American citizens that bowwow's head will spin. These monuments belong to the American people, not to bowwow and her commie wrectking crew.


    You just saved me writing the SAME thing..about "BOW WOW and HER BIGOTRY, who like other Mayors, Governors of Democrat Run Cities/States ALL APPEAR TO BE INEPT AND RACISTS AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE-JUST LIKE MICHELLE AND BARACK OBAMA!!!

    John Beargrass

    The time is coming (pretty soon) that we will have to remove these kinds of feral people. Permanently.


    make that 'wrecking' crew.


    Try it bitch.

    Scott K

    Wouldn't it be easier to relocate all of the disaffected, like Blowser, to their imaginary land of black greatness?


    ...if President Trump is cheated out of a fair election and Biden is stuffed into office by a phony election...there will consequences of epic proportions nation-wide...if the Social-Progressive-Marxist-Fascists think they can cause the demise of our Great Nation, they will certainly feel the pain and anguish of their mischievous lame-brain wonton thinking once and for all....


    I just read the mission at Creative Destruction (below): are you telling us you want to remove capitalism as the economic infrastructure to the USA?

    IF you have the courage, I invite you to respond to me personally.


    It would be less expensive to just kill the bitch.


    I propose the removal of the DC mayor.


    Biden said he'd ' knock it down' to get elected.


    Africa is missing a mayor. Get her back where she came from and would obviously be most happy.

    Dr. Frank

    Maybe, Mayor Bow-Wow should be relocated to Venezuela or Cuba; where there is no racism, white supremacy, white privilege, homophobia, LGBQRST bigotry, ideal medical healthcare and plenty of opportunity. I'll contribute the cost of one stamp.


    We should build a replica of the Washington Monument and erect it across the street from her office. We could call it the Trump Monument.


    A much easier and more palatable solution for all Americans would be the removal of this twit as Mayor of another failed Democrat led city.


    Your comment reminds me of the joke Dems used to tell about Bush 2. "Somewhere a village is missing it's idiot." I think that applies here.


    It's time for all these anti-American idiots to take a 1 way ticket to the country of their choice. Over 1 million men and women have died for this nation, and millions more were wounded in its defense. Almost everyone of them knew the value that being born an American conferred upon them. I tire of sedition, and these people need to leave America or face a Military Tribunal with the Death Penalty as a very possible outcome. And I mean all, I don't care about what color you are; you are an American or you aren't. You love this Nation or you don't. I never wanted to harm anyone, but if you think that I, and millions of others will stand by while you destroy our country, you are very sadly mistaken. I took an Oath once, it had no expiration date, and only my demise will stop me from honoring that Oath!


    Yes there was and is systemic racism that needs to be addressed. however Racism in this country has come a long way since the 1800's.. In the 1960's it got better then we spent 22 trillion dollars on the problems of the black community. In the 1960's the leaders of the black community were men like Dr. Martin Luther King , but today we have the likes of race monger Al Sharpton. A man whose career is chasing after high profile racial situations like a cheap lawyer chases after an ambulance. He does not heal he exploits and divides. If you look at the news it appears that all black people hate white people. They all over screaming in peoples faces, trying to destroy anything associated with white history. Not to fix racism but out of hatred and revenge. White people fear black people because their daughters are 100 times more likely to get raped by a black man than win the lottery. Every city in the USA has roving gangs of black teenagers shooting each other daily. 57% of all violent crime is committed by black males between 13 and 35. Black teenagers post daily videos of how their friends hunt elderly white people and knock them out. The most recent was a 75 year old white man just walking down the street and he was knocked unconscious with a brick. how do you expect white people to get behind their cause when if you see a black man walking toward you there is at least a 50% chance he is up to something bad. Black feral children are running amok in poor inner city neighborhoods idolizing drug dealing , murdering gangsta rappers. It is no wonder they martyr violent criminals and rapist that get shot battling the police. The media portrays it as white cops are hunting black men and purposely executing them. The truth is that violent black criminals commit violent crimes and when the police come they fight and attack the police. Yes some of it is excessive but my god a man beating his girlfriend to steal her car a week after beating and raping her assaults the police that came to save her. Nobody is protesting for the woman who is beaten and raped in front of her 6 children his children too. But after a 10 minute battle punch the police and the police exhausting all non-lethal alternatives. This guy goes to the car to get a weapon to kill them and gets shot. This POS should not be the reason to burn down a city or remove a national monument. Because black people cannot get their shit together and blame white people for everything. They are burning major cities across the country thousands are looting executing white people executing white children. Why because they envy us , as a collective group they feel inferior because their history is slavery. So they hate us and want to destroy us. Black culture is a mix of hereditary hatred of whites, violent and destructive culture, and an inferiority complex of hopelessness and despair. They feel because the whites of the past oppressed them that whites of today owe them. But we do not. We have been trying to help for 60 years but the Democrats the original slave owners have again enslaved them economically. It is up to black people to solve black problems themselves, we can't help them anymore. They hate us to their core and the only answer they have come up to so far is to destroy whites and all their things out of vengeance. They want our sympathy, but as long as we fear to walk down the street in fear of attack because we disagree it is not going to happen. The course they are taking is leading to more violence and their cultural violence spilling out. There needs to be a change but what we have right now is not the answer and the next Connan Hinnent is going to spark more violence. Black people even a black cop have praised Mr. Simpson for executing his neighbors 5 year old boy in his front yard because he was white.White people are appalled at black children getting shot by gang violence. When a white child is executed by a black man because he was white, blacks praise him. They are sick to the very essence of their being to harbor that kind of hate. They are the racist and the negative feelings toward them are growing because of their deeds.


    Who is she (one person) to decide what monuments should go or stay or if derogatory statements about this country should be placed on plaques around any monument. The question of the removal of any national monument should be put to a national vote. These monuments belong to the citizens of this country. These monuments represent a time and attitude of growth toward a better national mind set.


    Surely these monuments are Federal property and belong to all of us. Only communist and Muslims want to destroy history.

    Alej Marcos

    Just another one, nig-ing.

    Desert Rat

    This nation was founded by people of European ancestry who made up the vast majority of settlers who came here and built colonies. They set up a society and government to meet their preferences and in accordance with their moral and spiritual standards. If they had been Africans or Chinese or dot Indians they would have established the nation and society according to their own standards. We have now allowed people from cultures alien to that of the dominant group to immigrate ( or, in the case of Africans, have imported the aliens to gratify the greed of those who made use of them ) and vote and take high office and we are seeing the results of this - they are moving to establish a nation and culture that fits their preferences and if those do not coincide (and they do not) with that of the dominant culture they will supplant that culture with their own. Statues and monuments to the heroes of the once dominant culture will be replaced by statues and monuments of the heroes of the newly dominant rulers. Moral and spiritual standards will likewise be supplanted. The nation will be what the dominant rulers want it to be.


    LOL! She thinks tourists want to see the "Black History Museum," "The Newseum?" In Cincinnati, the black museum went out of business for lack of visitors. Mayor Bubble-butt is a stone loser and a hate-filled RAAAAAAAcissssssssT.

    Tommy Tomhan

    The BLM movement must not understand or not care that they are going to cause more racism by their constant stupidity and apparent hatred to anything connected to white people. How could even the Democrats not see this?

    […] DC Mayor Proposes Removal of Washington Monument, Others […]

    […] At a press conference today, Mayor Muriel Bowser and the MPD Chief of Police Pete Newsham addressed reporters from the D.C. City Hall. The calmness of their remarks underscored the inescapable truth: Kay drew his gun while the police pursued him. There isn’t any gray area here to exploit, and one imagines that comes as a disappointment to Bowser, a very public supporter of Black Lives Matter. […]


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