Interview With Andy Yates Of, An Advertising Platform For Conservative Candidates

September 3, 2020
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Interview With Andy Yates Of, An Advertising Platform For Conservative Candidates

In this age of Silicon Valley censorship against conservative speech prior to the election, we thought it would be interesting to sit down with Andy Yates of, a voter-targeted alternative advertising platform for GOP candidates this fall.

We asked Yates to explain the platform, and here are his thoughts...

"These are digital ads, up and down the ballot; they are voter targeted. We have six target universes, for instance vote- by-mail, banner, connected TV streaming video, etc.

"COVID-19 has changed viewer behavior -- there is much more video now in advertising.

"We built RepublicanAds in a self serve fashion, specially for politics; there is a very low minimum spend.

"We are voter data targeted. So candidates get the most bang for their buck.

"We are a free speech platform of course.

"We are not dependent on ad networks that are censored. We serve our own ads.

"RepublicanAds is built specifically for campaigns, issues, and anyone in the political spectrum; we may move into public affairs down the road.

" We are political consultants at heart; we know what GOP candidates need and want.

"The local races are critical; this is where we can have a big impact without a huge spend.

"We target typical republicans or those voters who could vote Republican; we have a persuasion universe we can target...weak voters, likely to split, unaffiliated.

"We are giving conservatives a platform to reach specific voters, without worry about censorship in an easy, creative platform. There is no upfront charge; you only pay until we run an ad. The platform sells itself.

"We can do all kinds of ads...display, pre-roll video, connected TV (video ads over streaming service), etc."

With the importance of the coming election, is certainly going to provide GOP candidates up and down the ballot another advertising alternative.

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One comment on “Interview With Andy Yates Of, An Advertising Platform For Conservative Candidates”

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