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    Kellyanne Conway Explains Why Trump Will Win

    September 3, 2020
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    Image from Showtime

    Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway announced her departure from the White House, but his former campaign manager is confident that what her team did with Trump in 2016 will be done again. In an interview with Jennifer Palmieri for Showtime’s 'The Circus', she credited what she calls the “hidden undercover Trump voter” as the reason he isn’t doing better in the polls. This hidden number has been touted by a couple of other industry leaders over the past few weeks as we head into the final stretch of the election season and people start to predict who will win. 

    And while what has been dubbed as the “silent majority” has been credited for Trump’s victory last election cycle, Conway believes this time, they will come out in a greater number. She said in the interview, “there are even more of them and they are even more committed now and they are going to surprise you to who they are this time.”

    Conway said the Democrat’s biggest mistake this election was not choosing a DC outsider. And because most people view themselves as political outsiders, Trump will still have this advantage. Conway said, “Most people in this country see themselves as outsider to the system. And that is still who Donald J. Trump is.” Because Biden has been in politics since 1972, he does not “suggest forward-looking, visionary, new generation change, if you will.”

    In the interview, Conway also said there was a shift around five to six weeks ago, as Trump  changed his language around the coronavirus. For the first time, this was when he told America to wear a mask, wore a mask himself, and stopped doing his rallies. From her suggestion, he also started doing coronavirus briefings again. Conway credits these steps for the reason the election turned around in his favor, saying Americans saw a leader in the president. Conway said, “For some reason, cynically, the Democrats think they can win an election based on a once-in-a century tragedy that swept the nation.” But because of Trump’s change of heart, the Democrats will have to find a new point of attack. Conway continued, “The Democrats thought they had this all sewed up two months ago, the media were like I'm going to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard and the Hamptons, we're all suddenly like holy crap this guy's coming back.”

    Conway made history as the first female campaign manager for a winning presidential campaign. She played a crucial role in the final months in turning Trump’s campaign around, and did multiple interviews a week where she helped promote his message. As Conway leaves her powerful position in the White House, we can expect to see her prominently still within the administration and Republican Party. 



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