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GOP House Reps Demand DC Mayor Stop Effort To Remove Washington Monument And Other Memorials

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DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has become a national figure due to her headline-grabbing actions during the past few months. These included the movements to remove some of DC’s most prized monuments. President Trump had to step in with an executive order that made it illegal to remove or vandalize a monument, statue, or memorial in the nation’s capital, but Bowser moved forward anyway with her working group with the intention of rewriting history.

And because of this, two GOP lawmakers have stepped in to stop what they call evidence of a radical gesture. Representative Jim Jordan and Representative James Comer wrote a letter to the District of Columbia Facilities and Commemorative Expressions (DCFACES), a working group with the purpose to review al of DC’s monuments and memorials, and determine which ones need to go in order to “reflect contemporary DC values.”

The letter, obtained first by Fox News, says, “You must immediately suspend this dangerous attempt at revising American history and desecrating the memory of our nation’s presidents, war heroes, and visionaries.” They continued that the group wants the federal government to “‘remove, relocate, or contextualize’ eight different monuments and memorials located on federal property. This absurd recommendation targets monuments and memorials for President George Washington, President Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and her American heroes.”

The lawmakers said this is about American values and heritage, “not simply to reflect your notion of ‘contemporary DC values.” They said Mayor Bowser and her working group are trying to “rewrite history.”

But moreover, Comer and Jordan said their working group is a “waste of taxpayer dollars.” The group, so far, has advised after their “review” the renaming of two dozen public schools, including the inventor of he telephone Alexander Graham Bell, and the writer of the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key. Comer and Scott asked them to “refrain from wasting taxpayer dollars on misadventures in historical revisionism to placate racial left-wing activists.”

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