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    Trump Retweets: “Maybe The Clinton’s Won’t Get Away With It After All” As Durham Widens Probe

    September 28, 2020
    Image by Gage Skidmore

    President Trump promised the American people that he would "drain the swamp," and the popular chant of "lock her up," became a central part of his message to root out political corruption in DC. 

    And while US Attorney John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russia investigation that led to the intelligence and judicial branches spying on President Trump’s campaign, transition team, and administration, a new source has suggested that Durham’s probe is wider than believed, and will look into the corruption within the Clinton Foundation. President Trump retweeted a link that has the title, “ John Durham’s Investigation Over Parts of US Attorney John Huber’s Clinton Foundation Probe,” with the comment from David J Harris Jr writing, ‘Maybe the Clinton won’t get away with it after all.” This retweet possibly suggests Trump knows something more about Durham’s probe, and that there may be consequences. 

    The source said US Attorney John Huber’s probe into the 2017 Clinton investigation has merged into Durham’s. In particular, Durham will be looking into the sale of Uranium One, and $145 million bribe paid to the Clinton Foundation for Clinton’s involvement as Secretary of State to influence the Committee on Foreign Investments to vote for the sale of Uranium One to the Russians. 

    Why this matters: While Huber’s investigation into Clinton was ongoing, and in particular, investigating her emails, the FBI began their investigation into President Trump, and his then opponent Hillary Clinton started to link Trump with Russia. Now, as the Russia origin investigation into the FBI doctoring emails to obtain FISA warrants already produced as indictment for a former FBI lawyer, there are more indications that there could be a political motive, other than preventing Trump from winning the presidency, as to why the investigation started. The Russia investigation hurt Trump’s presidency for  years, as the left promoted the message that Trump colluded with the Russians. This led to the Mueller investigation, which is now also being looked at by Durham. Mueller, despite spending millions of taxpayer dollars, found no collusion. AG Barr is diligent in his quest to find out if the Democrats and the FBI misused their power to corrupt the Democratic process in America, and this retweet suggests that possibly, the powerful Clintons have something to do with it. For example, we know the Clinton campaign paid for the Steele dossier, which has increasingly revealed to be fraudulent. 



    CDM Staff

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    My God Claire, EAT SOMETHING!

    Richard M Shanks

    hard to follow this syntax - you need to reorganize your thoughts into simple sentences for effective communication - and spellcheck while you're at it

    Robert John Seyko

    It's CLINTONS, not CLINTON'S. The grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax on the internet and other media is atrocious.


    Thank you Claire for give me hope:-) I've followed this for years, it nice to think that those in-charge of investigating this are joining the dots and seeing a larger picture. Of course, if you really looking into this, it goes back many decades. I've attached a blog I wrote which puts a broader historical perspective on this topic: https://silversolutions9999.com/blog-thoughts-on-the-forces-behind-geopolitics/


    PS I've made some typos and grammar mistakes to keep you company. I always spot them as soon as I hit post:-)


    Barr and Durham are Trump's blind spot. The Clintons aren't in any danger because Barr plans to investigate forever, never indicting any of the crooked Dems or insurrectionists in the FBI.


    The damn Clintons should have been indicted by now, convicted, and serving very very long prison sentences for their crimes against the country and the American people. This is dragging on and on with no end in sight. Shame on DOJ. Get er done, now!


    Watching Skellarytor Rodanstank Clinstainus hurting to be relevant.
    So fun 🙂


    Trust Sessions, trust the plan ..... yeah how did that go ?

    Mark Allen


    The Einous

    They throw us in jail for not paying a speeding ticket.
    The clintons have operated with impunity and will cuntinue to do so.

    thomas feery

    Nice job


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