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    WH Responds To Pelosi’s Threat Of Using 25th Amendment To Derail Trump

    October 9, 2020
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    Image by Matt H. Wade

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set a dangerous precedent on Friday when she pushed forward legislation that would form a commission to determine the fitness of the president to serve. Pelosi, who has already been responsible for impeaching the president, has used her power as the highest ranking member of the House of Representatives to strip away President Trump’s power. But while it has not worked, she is setting up the framework for future lawmakers to undermine American voters, and let the Washington power players interject their own opinions. 

    While Pelosi introduced the legislation, which was first introduced in 2017, under the pretense the President Trump is not in the right headspace due to his recent coronavirus diagnosis, the White House has been quick to flip the script. In a tweet, President Trump said, “Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. The Dems want that to happen fast because Sleepy Joe is out of it!!!”

    As Speaker Pelosi said the new legislation wouldn’t come into effect until after the election, President Trump is alluding to the theory that the Democrats have chosen Biden as their front man, with the purpose of Kamala Harris running the show. 

    But White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has said that it is Pelosi who needs to be removed from power. From quarantine, McEnany said, 

    “The only one who needs the 25th Amendment is Nancy Pelosi herself.

    “Good Morning, Sunday Morning,” she bizarrely blurts out after suggesting impeaching President 


     for exercising his Art. II, Sec. II power!

    Stop projecting, Nancy!"

    Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have called Pelosi’s most recent political move, “absurd,” and are using the moment to address her own political motives versus the good of the American people, and the strength of the American democracy. 



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    If Anyone needs to be REMOVED from office, it is "Nutty Nancy, who thinks her spitefulness, hatred and being POWER HUNGRY, puts her in any position of power, is Laughable." She along with 'Schiff for Brains, No Nads, Nadler-Schmuck Schumer and the REST of these leftist Liberal DemoThugs are ALL going to be exposed soon. POTUS Trump has done MORE for America in his first term, including fighting for the people who got this pandemic by Gov. Cuomo-"Senior Slayer" who put infected people into nursing homes(the least able to fight it) and nearly 14,000 deaths were the result of Cuomo's ineptness during this disease From CHINA. The President got into action quickly to send a 'Hospital Ship to the N.Y. Harbor(that Cuomo didn't send ONE PATIENT To, and POTUS Trump also had the Javitts' Center turned into a FIELD HOSPITAL, and again, "No Patients were even sent there"....

    Also, it was Obama who did NOT replace 'supplies and equipment after the Swine Flu, and he didn't answer the call until 6 months AFTER(along with Biden) So let Nutty Nancy keep shooting off her big, ugly mouth, but SHE WILL HOPEFULLY BE REPLACED AS SPEAKER-AND OUR PRESIDENT WILL BE REELECTED IN 2020 TO CONTINUE TO KEEP AMERICA STRONG, SAFE AND SUCCESSFUL FOR ALL AMERICANS JUST AS HE PROMISED IN '16 AND CAME THROUGH FOR US.


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