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Is Assange About To Be “Epsteined”?

Is Assange About To Be “Epsteined”?
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One year since they first wrote to the UK Government, 250 doctors from 35 countries have renewed their calls for Julian Assange to be released from prison on urgent medical grounds. The doctors warn that UK government authorities are holding Assange under conditions that endanger his life, whether through suicide or fatal illness, having ramped up his human rights abuse and medical neglect.

The group alleges that this amounts to breaches of the duty of care by UK authorities, in which foreseeable and preventable harm is being inflicted on Julian Assange, “in retaliation for prize-winning, public interest journalism”. The doctors stress that “it is incumbent upon UK government authorities, including those directly responsible for Mr. Assange’s medical care, to refrain from placing him at further medical risk”, and to grant his immediate release from prison “for medical reasons, consistent with his human right to life and health, and in line with the inviolable medical obligation to do no harm…”

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